Monday, February 19, 2007

In The News

Last month I mentioned that our Vet's office had been the scene of a brutal murder. A few days ago the local police department found the person responsible for the killing. We hope this will bring some peace to the family and friends of Andrea Boyer, the young woman killed in this senseless act.

Here is a brief summary from our local media about the story:

CLAY COUNTY, FL -- Investigators have arrested a convicted sex offender in the murder of an animal clinic worker in Orange Park.37-year-old Michael Jackson is accused of killing 25-year-old Andrea Boyer at the Wells Road Veterinary Clinic last month.Investigators said Boyer died from blunt force trauma.Jackson is a convicted sex offender recently released from prison. He served twenty years of a thirty year sentence for sexual battery. He lived in a hotel not far from the clinic.Investigators said DNA evidence found at the scene linked the crime to Jackson through the Florida Department of Law Enforcement's database.Jackson is listed in the CODIS database because of his prior record and prison stay."We are very pleased that FDLE was able to process the evidence so quickly and zero in on the killer," said Sheriff Rick Beseler.Sheriff Beseler called Boyer's murder a random act, and a crime of opportunity, saying it could have been prevented if, "this sexual deviant had been in prison where he belonged."Authorities learned of Jackson's link to the crime Friday morning. Detectives located Jackson at a motel in Orange Park where he had been staying with friends and arrested him shortly after 5 p.m."Our thoughts are with the Boyer family and we are very relieved to be able to bring Andrea's killer to justice," said Sheriff Beseler. "It also means the citizens of Clay County will be safer tonight with this man off the streets."

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