Friday, July 20, 2007

The Little Bed

Abby asleep in her tiny bed.
Boo: Ummmm what's this? It's empty. This would make a nice place to nap.

Ahhh yes this is wonderful! ohmigoodness what's that?

Abby: Who's that sleeping in my bed?

Abby: What is going on here?

Abby: Boo don't you know this is my bed? do I get her out of my bed?

I'll have to think about this....

I'm still thinking....

Well I don't seem to having much luck, so let me go find another of my nests to crawl up into.
While Abby searches for another soft spot to curl up into, why not stop by for a treat over at Friday's Ark which begin boarding today, and don't forget to stop by this weekend for cat blogging over at the WCB and Carnival of the Cats.
Does anyone know what has happened to the Carnival of the Cats?

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