Friday, August 17, 2007

Guess Who?

We thought we would play a game and see if you can guess who is who. Lots of nose twins to chose from. Who are these gorgeous tuxies?? Don't peek but the answers are at the bottom....
A. Guess who I am! (goes to the kitty above)

B. ME too!

C. How about me?

D. Aren't I gorgeous?

E. Can you guess who I am?

F. Don't I look beautiful in my pink cat cup?

G. I see you, do you know who I am?

H. I am very interested in your opinion -- who am I?

I. Did you guess right?
After you've taken our little quiz, why not pop on over to this week's edition of the Friday Ark and don't forget to stop by and visit the Carnival of the Cats being hosted this week by Stranger Ranger, Bad Kitty Cats Festival of Chaos is being hosted by Miss Sanjee and MomRobin and then this weekend's Cat Blogging #115 is being hosted by CatSynth. Hope you can drop by and visit all the kitties!
Now for the answers:
A. Well A is for Abby you guessed right!
B. Naturally B has to be for Boo!!
C. Sergi (I'm the only boy!)
D. Emma (fooled you didn't I?!)
E. Boo
F. Emma(can't tell us apart, can you?)
G. Boo
H. Mrs. B (boy this is tough!)
I. Abby

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