Monday, December 17, 2007

Mancat Monday plus a BIG Thank YOU!

Mr Mancat himself.

Boo got the BIGGEST surprise in the mail. It was addressed just to her. It was from Capt'n Jack!!

Boo was all aquiver.

She was so excited. Look at all the wonderful treats and prezzies!

wow what wonderful bright and shiny things!!! And look at silver treasure box!

LOOK what was in the silver treasure box. Pearls and diamonds!

I can't believe my whiskers!!!

I started playing immediately with all the prezzies. I love mousies...

And this is a particularly fun mousie.

OOOoooo look at all of these great things, I don't know which one to chose next.

Well maybe this one.

Captain Jack I don't know how to express my utter joy, but I would love to slip on this beautiful necklace for you on our New Year's Eve date....

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