Friday, April 25, 2008

Finally Friday: A Bit of Kitty Karma

Please drop in on sweet Lilly Lu. In case you are unaware Lilly Lu along with Mu Shue and Iris and Mom Laura just experienced a house fire. They lost everything in the fire, except the most impawtant thing: each other. It's Lilly Lu gotcha day help her celebrate.

Kitty Zen:

Two spiritual mancats were travelling down a muddy well beaten path. They came to a crossroad and noticed a young Maine coon girl kitty on the side of the muddy path pacing back and forth trying to figure out how to get to the other side without getting mud all over her paws and fur. One of the mancats stopped and asked her if she would like to jump on his back and he would take her across the muddy path. Of course she accepted his kind offer. Then the two mancats continued on their journey. Several hours later the other mancat turned and said my friend why did you take that young Maine coon across the path? You know we are not supposed to go near girl kitties. Why did you do that?

The mancat turned to him and said Brother I dropped her off several hours ago.

How do you like Abby's new blanket?


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Side note from my Momma:
Thank you all for your inspiring comments yesterday. It is a wonderful blessing to have all of you to share such joyful news with. THANK YOU!!!

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