Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Tuxie Toosday With Abby and a PSA

Attempting a landing.
Second pass.

Reach out for a sniff.

Settle for a seat.
Mom wants to tell you about something to look out for,
OK Mom, I'll turn it over to you now.
Thanks Abby.

Right before Christmas my husband purchased a gift card from Krystal.
That is a hamburger place here in the South.
He went in gave the cashier $25 dollars and walked out with his gift certificate.
I gave the gift certificate to my Dad for Christmas because he and my Mom like Krystal.
But it wasn't until about 2 weeks ago that they decided to use it.
Well, when they did, that cashier said it was only worth $10.
They even had the manager check.
So, I know my husband paid $25, but the cashier he bought the card from only put $10 on it,
and in all likelihood pocketed the rest.
I don't know that for sure but if I were a betting woman that is what I was bet.
That $15 went somewhere.
So, I contacted Krystal headquarters and asked that they send my parents
that $15 credit. I didn't want anything and stated so in my letter.
Well within the week, Krystal not only apologized, they sent my parents a $50 gift card, and
they also sent the same to me.
So, I have to praise Krystal for their response, they went above and beyond.
But here is what I want to say:
please make sure whenever you purchase a gift card, especially with cash
to watch what the register rings up.
I myself probably would never even think to watch.
Because even if my husband had checked the receipt it would have said $10 and then it would have been the cashiers word against my husband.
It was just a lesson learned, and one I had never encountered before, or to be truthful, one I had never even considered!
But, I do have to give credit where credit is due,
Krystal stepped up to the plate and hit a home run.
Thank you Krystal.


  1. Good for them! Momma always checks. Back when those gift cards were new when she worked at B Dalton, sometimes things didn't work right so they always gave the receipt to make sure that the person had something to prove what they purchased (just in case)--although in the mistake case it usually meant there was nothing on the card, not just less.

    Hello Handsome Ping! I am so glad that the place fixed that problem!

  2. Thank you for visiting us and sending all those healing purrs. The battle Cinders face now is taking all those meds.

    Am glad the problem's fixed.
    Abby, are your seat a bit too small for you?

  3. Genius Move in the limit space, Abby !!!

  4. Mom never even thought of that. We're really glad they took care of the problem.

    The Florida Furkids and Angel Sniffie

  5. Wat a relief Krystal fixed the problem for you without hassle. And Abby, the space looks a little tight for you. Maybe you need an upgrade to a bigger seat.

    ~Slash & Bronzy

  6. It's crazy to think someone would do that! All it would take is for one person to notice and they'd be in some deep trouble! At least the company responded appropriately. I bought a moldy Larabar once. I sent the company a picture and all I got was a coupon for one free LArabar and a dollar off coupon! I won't be buying LArabars ever again.

  7. OH MY CATS.....
    Good for Krystal's for accepting responsibility for the evil woman.
    I expect they know word of mouth can do a lot of damage. Shame on that cashier.

    Abby a very lovely agile picture of you today. I'm sure there must be some complicated physics involved in your landing.
    Hugs Madi

  8. Abby, you did a great job of maneuvering there! And it is just pawsome that Krystal went above and beyond when resolving your Mom's issue!
    Purrs and headbutts,
    Sabrina, Sam and Simon

  9. My mommy loves Krystal too and follows them on Twitter. They have been excellent to mommy. We have had no problems other than one dishonest person in the window when mom went thru at 0345 for breakfast before pulling into work. That's not Krystal's fault. That is the person who is at the window. Something as you also know that the Company cannot control. Mom caught her dishonesty every time she pulled that stunt. She complained to the Mgr. and that was that for her.

  10. Your cottom fits nicely on that thing.

    Well done for Krystal for stepping up and doing the right thing. Shame that they had to in the first place though.

  11. I never check that stuff, thanks for the reminder!!! Reflects very well on Krystals for making-good on the situation.

    PS - nice pics Abby :-)

  12. It makes you wonder how many other people were caught too and didn't say anything. Krystal were good though in their response.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  13. Good for them for doing the right thing.

    Grandma bought Rob a card for Christmas from Home Depot but is disappeared and she was SURE it was taken from her luggage on the plan. Turns out the package had been stolen by Max the cat and hidden in the bedroom.

    But good advice - for any of those purchases. And can we just say that we aren't sure about that seat Abby is using....

  14. that is wonderful that they sent those gift cards!

    purrrrss n nosekissies to mine gorgeous sweet teeny princess Abby

    your adoring floofy cocoapuff meezerman Sammy

  15. Well done Krystal!!! Well done mum and dad for taking it all the way to the top!!

    Awwww gorgeous Abby!!! Enjoy your very unusual seat! take care

  16. Wow, that sure is great of Krystal to do that. That is amazing that someone did that but I am not surprised. Great picture of you Ping. Take care.

  17. Good job Abby! And good job Krystal for the great customer service!!!

  18. We don't know of that place her in Minnesota but that's great they came through for you! It's so wonderful when something happens that is above and beyond your expectations.

  19. We dunno that place, but we're sure glad they're so nice. If we ever do come across one, we'll go there. Our Lady always keeps the gift card receipts, but it's cuz she's paranoid that the thing doesn't get activated properly. Now she's gonna have 2 things to keep the receipt and be paranoid about. :)

  20. Well, that was really nice of Kyrstal to do that. Some companies won't take any responsibility for what their employees do. Kudos to Krystal.

    And thanks for the warning.

  21. Krystal really did hit a Home Run! Bravo!

    Having said that... Momma never ever buys gift certificates... she doesn't like trading money that you can spend anywhere for money you can only spend in one place.


  22. And that was excellent maneuvering, Abby!

  23. Neat maneuvers Abby. Well done to Krystal for putting things right.

  24. Miss Abby, that router is prime real estate in your house! And, my mom said to tell you she has seriously been considering getting me a younger playmate, but the thought of her having to protect Fuzzy from 2 of us makes her shudder. Plus, she said she could not handle 2 of me - I don't know what she means by that!

    We're glad that Krystal did the right thing by your mom - it's always nice to hear about that. And we'll make sure our mom watches out when buying gift cards in the future!

    Your friend, Zoe

  25. Wow! We never woulda thought about that either. But kudos to Krystal for stepping up and doing the right thing and then some.

  26. That's a good point and something our mom says she wouldn't really think about. Very cool what Krystal did.

    Enjoy your hot seat, Abby :)

    Pip, Smidgen,Minnie, and HOllie

  27. Wow! One has to be so careful lately with both the green papers and the plastic money. So glad Krystals came through in a positive way.