Tuesday, June 26, 2012

TS Debby

Here in Northern Florida we are experiencing
our second Tropical Storm of the 2012 season.
The above picture is what the "Creek" looks like right now.
The picture below is what the "Creek" looks like on a normal day.
(Notice how the boathouse is underwater in the above picture.)

The Creek is going to be at record levels, and we still have
at least two more days of TS Debby to deal with.
She hasn't even come ashore yet.
Oh the joy!

Many people have been put out of their homes because of
the level of the Creek.
We have not.

Such a beautiful day on the Creek.

The 2012 Hurricane Season has had 4 named storms in June.
This is unprecedented.
It has never happened since they've kept records on Hurricanes.
We've had two of them go "over" us.
Beryl came in from the Atlantic at the very tail end of May (which was also
an unheard of event), and now Debby is coming in from the Gulf of Mexico
near Cedar Key, FL tomorrow.
We got 10"+ of rain from Beryl and we are already above that level now with
Debby and there is still more to come.
Debby is a weak TS but a BIG rainmaker and she is stationary. Last night
she was moving at 2mph.
I hope this is not a precursor to how the rest of Hurricane season is going to go.
All I can say is:
"quack quack"


  1. We hope you all stay safe from Debby. It seems that abnormal rainfall is happening all over this year. We have already grown webbed feet.

  2. We have been following some about Debby on the news. We sure hope the rain is not problematic for your house. And that somehow the record of TS's for June is a fluke and doesn't foretell an extra big hurricane season. Purrs and try to stay dry.

  3. Weather for ducks. Kinda sucks. Take care... purrs

  4. All we can say is stay safe...and dry!

  5. We have been thinking about you and hope the storm leaves you alone!

  6. Paws crossed that it does not get too bad for you with this storm!

  7. Holy Cod, you call THAT a CREEK? Looks like the danged mississippi from here! Good luck, stay dry. Just incase have the rubber wellies at the ready!

    and the row boat.

    and the tuna, don'tz forget that...

    Ms. Stella O'Houligan

  8. Please stay safe! Take care

  9. wow, that before and after is impressive! I so hope you are high enough up that you can handle two more days of Debby..

    Btw, you should invite Debby to visit Maine, we know what to do with Tropical Storms.. they hit our cold waters and just lose all their muster.

  10. oh mine darling sweet tuxie princess, you can teleport up here and I will keep you warm and safe and dry.

    purrrsss n nosekissies - your adoring floofy cocoapuff meezerman Sammy

  11. We has been watching it on the news whenever it is broadcasted and always think of our friends down there. We want all of you to be safe and not have flooded homes or damage. Thoughts and prayers are with you.,

  12. Oh My!!!! Please be safe!!! There is so much strange weather around that it is freaky!

  13. We are hoping Debby moves along fast! We lived south of you in Bonita Springs for 10 years - we saw Andrew come thru and numerous rainmakers that flooded our town. We were 2 blocks from the Imperial River but in our old part of town we never got flooded out - the old timers knew where to settle! We still have hurricanes in NC even in the mts! In 04 we got 22 inches of rain and 18 the next week from 2 storms, Hope you guys are OK this year!!!

  14. Yikes! Please stay safe, dear friends. We are sending purrs and prayers that Debby will go away!

  15. That is one swollen creek! We've been thinking about you cause we know you are down there. We'll be purring you stay dry!

  16. Purrayers that you continue to stay safe & dry!

  17. I sure hope you all stay safe. And maybe try to share some of that rain with the folks in Colorado, I hear they could use it.

  18. I hope the kittehs has water wings! We's sending you good DRY thoughts!


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