Monday, October 08, 2018

Mancat Monday

Peek a BOO Ping

OK it's time to get off this Hurricane Watch perch.
there is something brewing in the Gulf and Mom
told me to keep my peepers open. She says it
looks like we're going to be in for something.
Well could you be a little more forthcoming MOM?
I mean ... c'mon!
She is freaking out my friends like she does each
time the wind blows during prime Hurricane season.
This time there may be more to it than just a freak out.
We will watch it very closely.
I got this Mom.


  1. I hope whatever is going on in the Gulf winds up missing you guys!

  2. Ditto, we hope it veers well away from you! You're a great mancat, Ping, to keep close watch.

  3. Peek a boo Ping! Stay safe and I hope that thing blows itself out before it gets to you.

  4. You got this Ping. Hope the wind will miss you all.

  5. I sure hope this storm will just leave you all in peace. There should be a law against them...I wish...

  6. We hope that wind will miss you. Purrs

  7. You are adorable, but you already know that!

    Emma and Buster

  8. dood....we wood freek two frank lee...we hope mizzter michael ternz ta sea N goez a way.....two much crazee nezz late lee with thoz stormz....we pray ya iz safe stay safe N all wayz bee safe ♥♥♥

  9. Ping, we know you have it under control. But we’re purring that whatever is brewing will peter out.

  10. Ping, we know you have this covered, but we're purring and praying just in case. Okay?


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