Friday, August 23, 2019


She is a tiny little thing.
Only 5 pounds and she's about the same
height as Annabelle.
Very petite.
She's nearly ALL black with just
a small splattering on white hairs.

I thought the bully male would leave her
alone now that's she spayed.
But, what I discovered from watching them
is that they must consider themselves part of 
the same cat family.
She is the only one of the 'feral' cats outside
that he allows interactions with.
He grooms her and I can see they care for one another.
He will not let me anywhere near him.
But oh boy does Micki resemble him.
He is growing more and more into an exact
replica of his Daddycat.


  1. She is a pretty little girl and looks not much more than a kitten herself.

  2. Mina is a lovely little girl. She is even tinier than me!

  3. She IS pretty, a lovely young girl.

  4. She sure is a sweet little gal.

  5. Hi Mina you are a pretty petite little lady
    Hugs Cecilia

  6. What a beautiful house panther Mina is!

  7. How pretty. She's an outside kitty?

  8. Cat interactions can be very strange things...


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