Tuesday, January 21, 2020

Annabelle's antics

I'm on my throne pillow,
do you mind?
Annabelle is the least pretentious cat,
she is sugary sweet to the core.
The only time I have seen her hiss 
was when I showed the kittens to her when
they were very young.
She didn't recognize their scent, so they were
the enemy.
But this girl is as loving and easy going
as it gets, except if you try and clip the claws!


  1. Is that the face she gets when you try to trim her claws? ;-)

  2. I actually don't mind the nail trim, but Angelique and Bowie have to be wrapped.

  3. Nail trims turn her into a spitfire!
    Pipo just squirms a bit...the pups?? Don't ask! MOL!

  4. All in all I think dad would say I'm about as sweet, but I do have my 'tude that just comes natural. Oh, and I'm kinda getting used to my nails being done (by mom, usually). I'm learning that I get a treat afterwards.

  5. I know she has a sweet nature, but she definitely looks...displeased...about the camera in that pic. Haha!

  6. Oh yes, the cutting of the claws is often an ordeal, even with the best of cats. I know that too well.

  7. Annabelle, we just love your lovely throne. Our kitties also don't like to have their claws cut either. We hope you are having a wonderful Tuesday. Thanks for sharing.
    World of Animals

  8. Annabelle looks like a sweetie.
    WE are not crazy about nail trims, but we tolerate them as mum is pretty quick.
    Purrs, Georgia and Julie

  9. We always though you were a lovey dovey sweet Annabelle!

  10. She sounds a lot like Mudpie, except my little angel hisses at ALL cats LOL


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