Monday, September 21, 2020

Mancat Monday

I thought I'd let one of my
outdoor cats whom I rarely show do
this week's Mancat Monday.

This is Buddy.
Buddy is just Buddy.
He is a sweet boy and he stays
basically within the perimeters of
my property. He is partially deaf
and skittish.
He still doesn't like me to get
too close. I am sure Buddy was
pushed around a lot, but I try and 
protect him as much as he will allow.



  1. Hi, Buddy! We are glad you have a nice place to stay...and the love that goes along with the food you get there too. You sure are a handsome fella!

  2. Oh, a ginger! Buddy is a handsome boy. Even though he won't let you near, he knows he is loved and cared for.

  3. Awwwwww! What a sweet looking boy :)

  4. Oh, Buddy's a handsome fellow! We're glad he stays safely on your property and that he has someone kind to look out for him.

  5. Buddy sure is a good looking little dude.

  6. wavez two ewe dood frum all oh uz heer in de land oh trout !!! ewe iz one handsum dood :) ♥♥

  7. Buddy well done on your selfie~~you are a handsome ginger-man
    Hugs Cecilia

  8. Awww, he looks like such a sweetheart. Thank you for taking care of him.

  9. Buddy is a handsome mancat and he's lucky your Mom is taking such good care of him.

  10. Hi sweetheart. Love you and I don't even know you.

  11. Buddy is lucky you are looking out for him.

  12. Buddy is a handsome fellow and he appreciates the kindness we are sure

  13. Hi Buddy ! You're a handsome boy ! Purrs

  14. Handsome fellow. It must be very hard on a cat in the outdoors if he can’t hear properly. One of our rescues, Theo, turned out to be completely deaf - and blind in one eye - yet he was surviving behind a rescue-shelter, living off food placed for him. We figure he survived traffic and other heavy machinery by sensing vibrations through the ground and perhaps the air. He was eventually taken in and lived happily indoors for ten years. He recently died.


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