Monday, April 12, 2021

Mancat Monday


A few weeks ago Bob disappeared for a few days
and it worried me.
IT all worries me.
I hate that they are outside.
But, I tell myself I do take care of them
as best I can, and they are well fed.
he looks so sad.



  1. My human would worry too. In fact, there is an orange cat around here who is kind of mean and my human doesn't like him... but if she doesn't see him on our security cams for a couple of days, she worries about him.

  2. When you care for outdoor cats, it's natural to worry about them.
    Hopefully they know your yard is safe and they will always have food.
    Bobby is a very handsome cat.
    Purrs, Julie

  3. He does look sad. His eyes look like he has seen a lot.

  4. He's a beautiful fellow. We hope he's okay. Sending purrs. ♥

  5. I hope he sticks around now. Such a handsome boy. XO

  6. We do understand that, we do a headcount by name of our feral sweeties each and every day. Missing ones are so worrisome.

  7. Bobby is beautiful. It is worrying when they live outside but you are doing all you can to look after him.

  8. We worry too. We had three who came around and now one, sporadically. There is someone else who feeds in the area that is clear and they have lots of safe area to roam in but... we worry about our outsiders

  9. Outsider-cats are tough on us who care, aren't they? And some just have that expression, like they need cheering up...


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