Sunday, May 16, 2021

Tsk Tsk


We got this message:

    As you may know, our Community Guidelines 
( describe the boundaries for what we 
allow-- and don't allow-- on Blogger. Your post titled "Caturday Art" was 
flagged to us for review. We have determined that it violates our 
guidelines and deleted the post, previously at

     Why was your blog post deleted?
     Your content has violated our Malware and Viruses policy. Please visit 
our Community Guidelines page linked in this email to learn more.

     We encourage you to review the full content of your blog posts to make 
sure they are in line with our standards as additional violations could 
result in termination of your blog.

WE are totally confused.
First let me say Friday I posted for Caturday Art and I put it in on
the wrong date. I actually posted it for May 8th by mistake.
So I went in and tried to delete it manually.
It wouldn't delete.
Then I just redid it the post with another photo and
tried deleting the post a second time and it
seemed to work.
But now it looks like Blogger thought I violated their
terms of agreement.

A picture of a cat with just a fairly tame message that I was
joining Athena to post on Caturday Art is somehow offensive or
violates the boundaries for what they allow?



  1. Ugh, both FB and Blogger seem to have issues recently trying to figure out what's what. I hope it resolves soon.

  2. Yikes!!!!!
    I suspect this is what happens when computers make decisions and not humans. Something upset their algorithms :/
    Purrs, Julie

  3. Ugh, what a pain. We're sorry that happened, and hope things get straightened out soon!

  4. Well, I wouldn't mind being chastised, but I'd to do something worth chastisement first. I suspect all of these things are done by computer and no one actually living even looks at posts.

  5. Debar this has happened to many over the last few days.
    It was a blogger issue from what I understand.
    Molly the Airedale and a few others have very similar issues.
    I'll send you Molly's link in another comment I need to cut and paste it

    1. Molly's link

  6. That is strange. You never post anything that would need to be deleted. XO

  7. Another blogger follow had her post deleted too, perfectly benign. I hope Google Blogger has been inundated with complaints. Somewhere in their support is a place you could register yours, I'm sure, with a link to your blog, etc. Stupid.

  8. Yes, that was a blogger issue and they are working on it. Since the google folks run congress part time it might take a while.

  9. Others have had this same problem. I hope things get worked out.

  10. Not following this at all! But I do hope this gets sorted out soon.

    Emma and Buster

  11. Totally insane on their part:(

    But I did see a Saturday post? And commented on it.

  12. This is very unfair. Sorry you had to deal with this stress. Annabelle you are adorable.


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