Sunday, September 26, 2021

Sunday Funday

It's a really nice day to just to lay around and nap!

I took these photos of Earl as he went by many years ago.
We have powerful Hurricane Sam now out in the Atlantic.
He is the 49th tropical cyclone in the last 16 months.
That's a lot!!!!
Too many.
We are aware that the NHC is apt to name storms before
they should...jump the shark so to speak.
(Just like they did with TS Teresa--a non eventful storm)
So a few of them back in the day,
would never have seen a name.
I mean when something dissipates in less than 12
hours was it really a TD or TS or just a LOW pressure system?
No, I'm not a meteorologist, but I play one on this blog.

St Augustine, FL



  1. We don't normally get hurricanes here although we have had two that I can think of. A few years ago they started naming the storms too. Now they have names they are very often built up to be far worse that they are.

  2. Thankfully Sam is staying FAR AWAY!

    The Florida Furkids

  3. Have a great Sunday, Annabelle. Relaxing is a wonderful thing!

    We sure hope Sam stays off the coast. FAR off the coast.

  4. You certainly have your share of hurricanes and such storms, but they do seem to come fast and furious. It may be a way meteorologists can catalogue them better, but they appear to get ahead of themselves sometimes.

  5. Good point on the hurricanes, all the weather guessers what is hype, hype, hype so you'll watch more and click more.

  6. Hope you stay safe from Sam. XO

  7. Annabelle, every day is a good day to lay around and nap.

  8. Great day for laying arounds Annabelle. It think the weather guessers like to be all dramatic and put every little thing over the top. No help in that


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