Tuesday, December 07, 2021

Annabelle's antics

See the new Christmas throw Mom got just for me?
It's red with white snowflakes.
AND....I refuse to model today.
No looking at the camera no matter how many
angles she tried!
Bah ha ha ha!



  1. Well, she gave you the throw to relax on...and now she want to interrupt your chill time??

  2. Sometimes a kitty is just not in the mood to pose. Although that almost never happens with me!

  3. That is a pretty throw Annabelle. I would want time to enjoy it as well. You can always pose later :)
    Purrs, Julie

  4. That throw looks lovely and cosy, Annabelle. Who cares about posing when you have such a comfy spot to hang out on?

  5. You're too busy enjoying your new blanket, that's why, Annabelle.

  6. You are just was too comfy to pose sweet Annabelle!

  7. Well, sometimes you just want to enjoy the comfy. Right, Annabelle?


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