Wednesday, June 12, 2024

One Week -- Thank you


A week has passed since Boo received her angel wings.👼 

Not much has changed.
So much has changed.

Somehow the ebb and flow of time
wears away at you.

It's the first time I've only had one cat
(Annabelle) since 2004.

It's very different.

I miss Boo in ways I can't even begin to explain.
How disruptive it is to have a someone in 
your life for so many years and suddenly,,
they've just gone away.
Vanished into thin air.
One moment a beating heart,
and the next second none.
So many things can disappear in an instant.

But thank you to everyone who stopped by
with a kind word, a prayer or a purr,
each one meant a great deal to me.
More than I can possibly tell you.


I know we all find that as one day leads into 
another, that to others the loss that is felt in
the household it happens in loses its punch.
It's forgotten.
That is just the way it is.
Doesn't matter the severity of how it dismantles
one life.
I'm struck by that, and I have been on both sides
many times. Until it embeds itself into your 
inner sanctum it's hard to fathom.


Grief carries itself for a long time.
Its devastation is felt long after the 
shock of it wears away and 
everyone goes on with their lives.
I wish I knew an answer, but I've yet to find one.
I've been searching since I lost my Abby.
Now all 5 of the original cats are gone:
Abby (2013)
Gracie (2014)
Jinx (2021)
Ping (2023)
Boo (2024)

Can't wrap my mind around it all.

All of them so deeply loved,
and greatly missed,
and filled with gratitude for them blessing my time with them.


  1. You're right when you state that for others, another person's losses fade. I think that we cannot carry the suffering of the world all the time, as we're not the Christ or the Buddha. In the end, we all carry our own grief and losses, especially as we get older, and in that we have a shared human experience. So while it sometimes can feel like we're alone in our suffering, we're really not. Each of us unique, yet also not. Our loved ones gone, yet also not, living in our hearts, always. ❤️

  2. boo, all yur fotoz R bee ewe tee full, N eye hope ewe can send
    yur mom a sign, her will noe it when her seez it, noe matter what it iz, ta let her noe ewe, abby, gracie, jinx N ping, R lookin down frum heaven, N keepin an eye on her and annabelle til ewe all see eqch other again.

    for bee in such small creaturez, we fill such large spacez, and leave huge holez when we go.

    annabelle, eye noe ewe will miss yur sisturr. me N de gurl send big time hugz and lovez two ewe N yur mom💙💖💖💙

  3. I find each loss harder because it is cummulative. XO

  4. Some people can cope with loss more easily than others. Others of us never get over it but learn to live with it to the best of our ability. Heartfelt hugs and love sent to you.

  5. Dearest Manxnmews,
    It certainly is very hard.
    On November 28 we lost our sweet Dido boy, January 19 our sweet Speckie girl and then on April 30 I lost my Pieter...
    That is too much of a shrinking family.
    But life goes on!
    It is wonderful for having those images and videos where we can enjoy their presence once more!
    Mariette + Kitties

  6. Yes, it's tough, we're still missing our Brian something awful. Mega hugs from all of us.

  7. I find that they are missed especially in what doesn't have to be done any more. When they are old, when they are sick, there is so much work, work that is done automatically, and which isn't necessary afterward. You miss them, and you think you should be doing something...

  8. We are so sorry we've just learned of Boo's passing and we're sending belated healing purrs, prayers and hugs. Everyone's comments couldn't be more accurate as far as losing one's furry little friends. My dad says it never goes away, the grief. Sure, it lessens over time, but it's always right there in your heart. Be well, and as I always say, know that there are so many others in here who know exactly what you're going through.

  9. The pain of losing our beloved family members never really passes away, does it? It surely speaks of the the deep love we share with them, but it is so very painful. Sending you much love and gentle purrs as you miss your babies.


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