Monday, July 05, 2010

Mancat Moment With Ping

He loves to lay just like this and roll back and forth and give you "the" look with those beautiful soulful eyes of his.
He is a real charmer.
And a ham.

On the other paw...
Today is my late Grandmother's birthday. She would have been 103 were she alive. She passed away in 2002, my post detailing her extraordinary life is here. So, we remember her today.

Sad to say all my Grandparents have passed from this earthly plateau and I miss them.


  1. Ahhhh, such a relaxing position!

    Thanks +++ for coming around and leaving your purrs when I was injured. I am almost back to normal now, not quite climbing trees yet, but I am getting there.

  2. Mr Ping you are just so lovely!!! And you look so relaxed and happy rolling around on your back! Awwww!!

    Me and Charlie shall light a candle in our hearts to remember your grandmother and grandparents, Abby.

    take care

  3. What a relaxed position, PIng.

    Happy memories of Grandmother. She lived a long life, but it is still sad when loved ones have to go. All the grandparents here have passed away too.

  4. Sweet Ping definitely is a charmer!

    Lots of hugs to you today as you remember your grandmother.

  5. Ping looks very handsome - as always!

    P.S. We loved the story about your grandmother! She sounds like such an amazing person - we are sure you must miss her very much.

  6. Mr Ping, we thinks that is a pawsome way to nap.

  7. Tummy up to the world is a great position!

    It's good that you remember your loved ones.

  8. You are a most handsome dude, Ping!!!!

    Our mama is older than dirt and her grands have been gone for almost more years than she can remember....her daddy, who passed on in 1996, would have been 105 now. Luckily her 90 year old mother is still with us and going fairly strongly.

    We love y'all. xxxxxxx

  9. You sure do look comfy Pink and that was such a nice tribute to your Grandma.

  10. Ping, we loves your white feeties with their long toes. You are a heart-breaker for sure!

    Mommy's last Grandparent passed last January; we'll take a moment today to stop and reflect.

  11. Hi Ping...oh do we know that look of the upside down kitty cat rolling back and forth.
    Grandparents who are no longer with us still hold very special places in our hears.
    Happy Monday

  12. look ever so comfy!

    Wishing your grandmother a happy birthday and giving you a hug!

  13. Happy Mancat Monday, handsome!

    (((hugs))) as you remember your wonderful grandmother today.

  14. What a beautiful kitty you are!

  15. Abby,

    I am sure your grandparents are with angels looking down, feeling very proud of you, knowing that they are still very much part of your heart.

    All my grandparents have passed on too .. I shall reflect and remember them.

  16. Ping, you are a ham. ...figuratively only. You look quite comfy and floofy and shiny too.

    gentlebonks for your mommy. We know that pain of missing a loved one. She had a happy life and now we must go on in our new lives with out them. It is so hard. You are not alone

    hugs and bonks
    it was nice to read the older post. Thanks for sharing that. It was lovely

  17. Oh Ping, what a comfy kitty you are :) It's a happy way to spend the day too ;)
    It is nice of you to honour your Grandpmother. Mom's Grandparents have all passed on too.
    Someday you will get your camera. Mom got a 3.2MP hand-me-down when we started blogging in Aug.2007. Funny how other things need replacing when you want something else :/
    Purrs Mickey,Georgia & Tillie

  18. It iz a reely good day to bee a man cat Mr Ping! & I yam not sure what da heck doze bombs were last night. It waz awful!
    Yoor momee gots bitted by auntiez????
    Yikes! Dey are furry mean. I haz had dem bite my tail when I waz just sittin' outside doin' nuttin' to dem.

  19. All my grandparents passed on many years ago, but it is good to think often of them. I miss my maternal grandmother very much.
    Ping looks very sweet there.

  20. I like to lay like that too!! Much be an orange thing....

    And we send you purrs as you remember your grandmother today.


  21. Way to chill Ping. Hugs to your mum on remembering her grammie.

  22. What a great picture of Ping - we're feeling relaxed just looking at your picture!!

    It's wonderful to remember those that have left an imprint on our hearts - it helps to keep them alive in our memories!

    Hope you had a Happy 4th!

    ~Nico, Simon & JayJay :)

  23. Ping is an adorable sweetheart=love his pose!...I too have lost my beloved grandparents and I honor your love for your grandmother and grandparents in my heart...Sending love and hugs to you...J


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