Wednesday, July 06, 2011

The Petties

For your consideration:

There are some fabulous blogs on animal rescue, but COVERED IN CAT HAIR is an exceptionally well written, well done blog on a one woman (with a lot of volunteer help) rescue operation named Kitten Associates. What Robin has done is absolutely amazing. If you have never visited her blog I highly recommend it. Sometimes I must tell you it is not for the faint of heart. In fact it can be down right heart breaking, but Robin somehow manages to save cats and she is a "not on my watch" kind of lady. She is nominated for not one, but two Petties and if she were to win the BEST in either category it would mean $1000 going into Kitten Associates. That money could do so much and if you read about Cara you will truly want her to win both categories (which would mean $2000)

As another personal aside both Sparkle the Cat (gorgeous Sparkle) is up for BEST BLOG POST!
AND.....our own Mr Puddy is up for FUNNIEST BLOG.

If you are voting I can't recommend both of these wonderful witty informative blogs for your consideration.

The Petties.


  1. Yay! We voted fur these bloggers!

  2. We voted for all three! Thanks for posting about the great cat rescue lady! (Note: Your link to the Petties didn't work as it went to "dogtimes" rather than "dogtime".)

  3. Thank Spitty!
    I just corrected it!

  4. I've gotta dash right over there - thanks so much for the suggestions. This has gotta be a person I'll fall straight in love with!!
    P.S. Thanks so much for your comment on GLP.

  5. Voted! What a great group of finalists.

  6. We voted!!

    The Florida Furkids and Angel Sniffie

  7. We love all of these!! What Robin does to help the kitties...well, we cannot thank her enough.

  8. Thanks Miss Abby for great supported !!!
    How much your mommy can allowed me to give you kisses.

    I did vote for them too : )

    Love you girl : )

  9. Did you remember that we found Sister Dolly via Covered in Cat Hair???

  10. Thank you so much for mentioning me and Mr. Puddy, but DOUBLE thank you for mentioning Robin and Covered In Cat Hair!! My human knows Robin personally and knows what she has been through - she has had it rougher than most, getting her rescue moving along! She is an awesome woman, and her blog is well deserving of the awards in the categories where it is a finalist!

  11. Yay for these wonderful blogs - have voted for fabulous Mr Puddy and Sparkle too! I'm sorry but when I clicked on the Petties link I get a dogtimes website which is all about doggies (very nice too!!) but nothing about the Petties?

    Anyway!! Good luck to all!! Take care


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