Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Empty Table

Yesterday this was what I saw.
For me, it was a very sobering view.

You see this is where Abby spends her morning.
Yesterday she was at the Vet's being treated for what we hoomans
would say was a colonic.

It makes one realize the fragility of things.
It made me anxious and fearful.
It made me realize that as much as I would like
to stop time, I can't.
Abby is neither young nor super old.
But she is 13.
Where did that time go?
None of us knows what lies ahead,
but we all know where it finally leads.
But for today, I will push that thought from my mind.
Sobering, indeed.
Here Abby is today.
Sitting right where I can see her. 
And hopefully,
for many more mornings to come.


  1. We hope you stay there too Abby--for lots and lots more mornings. Mama realized the other day that even Chey is 9! Where did the time go?

  2. Abby we hope you are at the table for many more years to come. Mom remembers so well when our Madison was a baby and now he's 16! Sigh. We must enjoy every minute of every day that we have together.

  3. I know - it seems like only yesterday I was the new cat here, and that was nearly 10 years ago. The dog, who was here when I first arrived, has lots of gray fur on her face now. The only one who doesn't seem to have changed is Binga - how did she manage that?! But she turned 12 last month. Time goes by way too fast. Especially for us kitties.

  4. Very sobering, indeed. We are so glad you're feeling better. Here's to lots more mornings! xoxo

  5. Seriously sobering. My Star is 13 as well, and I have a hard time thinking of her as that old. That's 68 in kitty years.
    I'm glad she's back home, and in her spot! Long may she stay!

  6. We're so happy Abby is home, and back on her favorite spot on the table, where we'll see her for many, many more mornings. *love*

  7. Time sure does fly by and there is nothing we can do to stop it. Mummy says she is so grateful that us kitties come on the journey with her. Here's to bazillions more mornings of breakfast together :)xxxx

  8. Don't go there, okay? It robs you of the joy of the present. I know this all too well, especially from Annie's passing. I think of death every day, have for years--I'd do better to focus on *living*. Ditto for you.


  9. Awwwwww sweet Abby!! Me and Charlie are so glad you are home with mum!!! Every day with you is precious and beautiful! Take care

  10. Why do our furbabies seem to grow older than we do? I just hate it when their times grows short. You reminded me again to hang on to each and ever day and really appreciate it because one day there are just memories left. M says give Abby a big smooch for her - then one for me please. SMOOCH

  11. From kitten to adult the time just ticks on but as the age increases the clock just runs away with the years.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  12. Bless Abby's sweet little heart...she has a very special seat in the house and in your heart.
    hugs Madi

  13. Mom said she knows what you speak of. It is very sobering when they aren't where they are usually and not with us in their home. Very sobering and one does become conscious of time. I am glad dear Abby baby is back home.

  14. purrs to you and Abby.... it is certainly a reminder to enjoy every moment we have. :)

  15. Abby, you need to stick around for a while longer, ok? Purrs and hugs from us to you and your mom xox

  16. Each day is precious!


    PS - all four of us are over 11 yrs of age

  17. We agree, you need to stay there a very, very long time sweet Abby!

  18. Pretty little Miss Abba Dabba!
    Shaggy is 12, His brother Scooby died too early. Life is indeed so fragile. I hold Shaggy tighter these days, knowing nothing is forever, and cherishing the "now."

  19. Beautiful Quilts! Yes, we feel your pain. Each day when I look at my beloved Ms. Stella I get a lump in my throat. She is 16. I say encouraging things to the universe reminding it that if she goes, I most likely won't make it. So I say to the heavens... don'!

    That Woman

  20. câlins
    Laurence, Opale et Sonye

  21. this made me so teary (((((hugs)))))))))))) It was so beautiful. Enjoy every moment!

  22. Our mom know your thoughts, exactly. Enjoy every precious moment you have with your fur children.

  23. The mom says enjoy each and every day...don't take anything for granted...and we purr that you will have many many many more days of Abby sitting on the table.

  24. I know exactly how you feel. Eric and Flynn are 12 1/2 and I could not settle at all today for worrying while Flynn was at the vet. I couldn't stop thinking that he could have a bad reaction to the GA the same as Eric did a few years ago. Thankfully like you, we also were able to bring our beloved baby home safely.

  25. A lovely post and a great reminder.

  26. purrrsss n nosekissies to mine gorgeous sweet tuxie princess Abby

    your adoring floofy cocoapuff meezerman Sammy

  27. How very true, and sobering. We are thankful Abby is back were she belongs, and like you, we hope she stays there for a very long time!

  28. I hope Abby gets to sit on the table for many more years too! Sweet Abby!

  29. Its allus hard on the Beins when one of us is away fer the day...

  30. Yes, DO push such thoughts from your mind: let them serve only for a moment, a mere whisper, to remind you to love each moment of her life, to live in the moment.

    But don't let it dominate your thoughts or make you sad:
    because I have found diary entries and poems from 2007, mourning Scooter's passing to come-
    little did I know that I had another 5 years of him to enjoy! If I could go back to that time and tell my younger self, I would say to her- No! Stop! Look at him NOW! Enjoy him NOW! Don't spend time on that far off place.

    This is why I write this here- you may have another 4, 5, 6, or 7 years.... don't let the future rob your present joy....♥


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