Thursday, October 04, 2012

Thursday In the Garden


Welcome kitties to our garden this week.

I have some exciting creatures to share with you.


Don't it look juicy??

Lots of good noms.

I have to tell you Mom isn't sure what this spider is.
She was kinda afraid it may be a black widow.
It has a warning on it's body.
But it does not have the rounded belly
that pictures Mom saw in Google of Black Widows.
But still this was frightening and it was right outside our catio.
So Mom did what any good Mom would do.
She called Dad.
And Dad sent itsy bitsy spider to OTRB.
Sorry you should have built your house someplace else.

Does anyone have any idea if this was a dangerous spider??
So that was our excitement this week.
(BTW the second spider acted very aggressive the larger one
tried to get away and in doing so freaked Mom out)


  1. Oh Ping--you scared my Mama with all those spiders. She does not like spiders at all!

  2. We think those spiders are very beautiful. Our mom has a soft spot for them cause they eat bugs and she hates all kinds of bugs.

  3. Oh I got the heebie jeebies... I need a kitty to cuddle now!

    Love the artistic flower pictures and Ping though!

  4. This page has a link to send your photos to a spider expert for id:

    Is the first one an orb spider? Its really a magnificent spider (or was).

  5. That is quite a specimen! Would have freaked me out too!!!

  6. *gulp* We enjoy playing with the odd spider that gets into the catio but the ones in your garden look a little...scary.

  7. je ne sais pas si ces araignées sont dangereuses, mais elles font de belles photos!
    Les fleurs sont superbes, merci pour ces belles images. un bonheur.
    ronrons d'Opale et Sonye

  8. Oh wow, they are beautiful in a creepy kind of way! We have tons of spiders in our garden this time of year and we never know what kind they are so we are no help at all.

  9. We find spiders amazing...the way they weave their webs. We have lots of spiders around our house...and at this time of year, they like to come inside...much to the mom's dismay.

  10. You wouldn't have heard us screaming cos Mum can scream louder!
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  11. There are spiders in the Black Widow family that don't have the classic look. I don't know about yours - I'd have my human ID them but she is in the middle of a lecture at a Purina event!

  12. Look at those gorgeous green eyes!!

    I don't like spiders, not at all! Fluffy used to eat them!
    Nyom nyom nyom...
    Now I get the Dyson out and suck them up. Other vacuums don't seem to get rid of them. This one does. You can see them clinging on, trying to resist, then THWUMP up the tube they go! HAHAHAHAHA (evil laughter teehee)

  13. oh our the mom is backing away from the screen - spiders freak her out BIG TIME.

    purrrss n nosekissies to mine gorgeous sweet tuxie angel princess Abby

    your adoring floofy cocoapuff meezerman Sammy

  14. We will not get close enough to find out if it's dangerous or not!
    But your garden flowers are pretty,
    especially that orange one that looks like a cat!

  15. Not black widows. We haz da black widows and those beautifully colored spiders you gotz ain't dem. Yours look more like orb weavers to me but since i'm no aracnid-ologist; i can't say for certain. We do love spiders here (cept when they is on the cieling and then that woman goes with a glass & paper & takes dem outside) .

    Ms. Stella O'Houligan

  16. I would not want to eat one and neither would mommy so we would probably have sent one on the patio or catio OTRB also. xoxox

  17. Guys I borrowed the pic to send to my himan bro who may be able to tell us...I'll delete it and so will he. We uncerstand ownership even tho I borrowed this one this time.

  18. Abby, that IS a Black Widow indeed. Please kill it.

  19. You have beautiful flowers in the garden.
    This spider does not seem juicy but it is very beautiful, very colorful. Our human also prefers us to stay well away from spiders.

  20. Hmmm, it doesn't look like the Black Widows we have in NY but would be nice for a Halloween pic!

  21. We don't care for spideys. I eat some but we don't gets many.

    Ping looks wunnerful!

  22. My human would have been screaming all the way. Sigh.
    And then she would have called the male human, too.

  23. Such great pics but one creepy spider!


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