Sunday, August 04, 2013

Final Sunday Update

It's hard to believe that just a little over 24 hours ago I took this picture.
Look at that face. Does that look like a cat at the end?
*oh boy*
*breathes deeply*
Just got the final update I will get for today from the ER.
Abby is resting comfortably.
She lets them do whatever they need to do with no struggle.
She is eating (a little) and drinking.
Her breathing rate is 50 which is a bit high, but better.
Her oxgenization level is 80-85% that should be at least 94%.
So they are maintaining her on full O2.
They *hope* to be able to drop it through the night.
But if her respiration's go back up they will keep her on full O2.
She is going straight to her Specialist office in the morning.
There will be some further evaluations.
Depending on those we will make a course of action.
This is where the Vets have all informed me that we may
have to let her go.
Well they won't ...
But I will.
*oh boy*
So this will sit very still on my heart tonight.
I know so many have been saying a prayer for Abby.
Now I ask for a miracle.
I know anything is possible, 
I also know what is probable.
There is a long way between the two.
*oh boy*
Thank you again to every single person who has offered a kind thought, prayer, purr, or left me words of wisdom and heartfelt concern. I deeply, DEEPLY appreciate every one. They have sustained me during this week ... yes it's only been a week. Thank you. Abby thanks you.
I do have posts planned for the whole week, some that feature Abby before she became sick.
I am going to let those post as normal.
Tuedays was always Abby's day! 
Tuxie Toosday. 
 *oh boy*
Breathes deeply.


  1. We are continuing to send thoughts and purrs and head bumpies. We hope that tomorrow's news is better for both of you.

  2. We are praying for a miracle for beautiful, precious Abby. Sending you and her all our love and healing energy and light.

  3. Purring and praying for a miracle for sweet Abby.

  4. Thanks for yet another update. Both of you have been in my thoughts all afternoon sending consoling comforting thoughts you way. It will be difficult but try to find peace this evening/night and remain there. We will check in again in the morning. Until then, (((hugs))).

  5. Yes, we will pray for a miracle.

  6. Sending a farkton of MaxMojo to Abby....

  7. We pray you get your miracle.

    Peace to you both.


  8. Mom has a deep breath with you when she is reading this post. Me & mom pray for Miracle . Deeply purr for magic.
    Lots of love & deep purring

  9. Beautiful Abby will be in my thoughts all the way from Middle Earth.

    Heartbreaking when our furry family members are ill. Take care.

  10. The Ballicai and I are purring for a miracle for precious Abby, and we are holding you tight in our hearts. (((((((hug))))))) ((((((((hug)))))))) ((((((((((hug)))))))))))

  11. we are all continuing our prayers for sweet Abby and for you. We are holding you all in our hearts. - MeezerMomMary

    as for me, I will be wif mine Abby forever - no matter what. I loves you sweet tuxie princess. - purrs n nosekissies - your werried and sad meezerman Sammy

  12. Thanks for the update, we are just so worried aboutmthat dear girl too. Just don't be afraid to ask Abby, she will tell you the right thing to do, she loves you too. Hugs.

  13. Deep breath. You are all in our thoughts and purrs friend.

  14. thank you for the update. We have been thinking of you all afternoon, and will continue to tonight. We know it will be a long night of worry for you, but hang in there. We're sending love and purrs to you and Abby.

  15. You know we're thinking of you and Abby, and we are hoping very hard you get your miracle...

  16. We're purring and praying for that miracle. C'mon, Abby!

  17. I am sorry Abby's news isn't better, I was hoping she would spring back by now, as I'm sure you hoped so too. All the kitties are purring and I am praying for Abby's miracle. We're just sick at heart. I'm sorry we weren't around more this weekend, but The Girl was moving into her 1st apartment, Abby was never far from our thoughts. We wish we could help make things better. Healing hugs to all.

  18. Miracles can happen and we're hoping you and Abby get one. Funny that you commented about blog posts. When we new our Daddy was having tests on his heart, our Mom did a whole bunch of posts ahead of time in case she was busy with him. Now that Clifford has become an Angel, she's glad she has them ready. Our hearts are going out to you tonight. We hope you get good news tomorrow.

    The Florida Furkids and Mom Sharon

  19. You have your miracle. You are held close in so many hearts tonight. You've both touched so many people, and enriched so many lives. I'm a better person because of knowing both of you. You are loved. Both of you. And that is always the greatest miracle. *hug*

  20. Abby, you listening to us? Can you hear our love from New Zealand?

    We are there, our hearts beat with yours, our love holds you close, we will not surrender you without a mighty fight young lady!

    Rest easy, get well, and be there to give Mum a nice big MEOW in the morning.

    Dash and Marjorie

  21. We are sending all our love and hoping Abby gets her miracle.


  22. We do believe in miracles. We're sending Abby all the healing purrs we can muster.

    Truffle and Brulee

  23. still praying for you and Abby. Miracles happen, I hope the next one is with Abby. --hugs and purrs

  24. Miracles do happen, and there's nothing wrong with purring and praying for one. So that's just what we will do. Hugs to you, dear friends.

  25. Lots of prayers for Abby & You! We are praying for a miracle for Abby!!
    Lots of hugs to you both!!
    Your TX furiends,

  26. Thank you so much for your updates...they are tugging at our heartstrings and we are just so moved by your thoughts and words. We continue to keep you and Abby in our prayers.

    Glogirly, Katie & Waffles

  27. We been keeping up with your updates and so very much appreciate you making them. Our hearts are in our throats, we so worried for you and sweet lovely Miss Abby. We wish we had words that could make it all better, fix it all, make it go away. We believe in miracles, we purring and praying so hard Abby to be okay and home and napping in her chair. We wrap love all around you, our friends, and keep you close in our hearts and in our thoughts. Kitty kisses.

  28. Tuesday is STILL her day! Just 8 days ago my darling Brat was struggling for each breath from a flare up with A.R.D.S. which will take him eventually, but in a 36 hr period he went from a 5% survival chance to snarky and on his way to recovery - this time, at least.
    Don't ever give up. Where there is hope there is life and love.

  29. Purrs and purrayers continue Abby's way.

  30. I am purring for a miracle along with all my friends. And I am purring for you too because I know how awful Abby's illness has been for you too. Sometimes I think humans suffer worse than us kitties when we are ill.

  31. Love and hugs and purrrs out to you and Abby. Anything is possible!

    Ms Stella O Houligan

  32. We've always loved Abby and the rest of your crew, even though we haven't visited for a while. We're sending all of our positive vibes and kitty purrs to Abby and to you,


    Tasha, Buddy and Karen (Mum)

  33. Purring for a better day on Monday - love is the key word here and Abby knows how much you love her. As John Lennon said - "Love is all there is."

  34. We are still praying hard for you all and sending love and kisses. Hope is the best miracle and love will help sustain you.
    Take care.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx


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