Friday, November 11, 2005

Feline Friday --VCR Baby

Abby is finally getting the lay of the land. She has been very careful in what rooms she wants to visit in the house. I am guessing that the scent of the other cats keeps her from wanting to venture too far outside of her normal rountine. She has finally decided that the master bedroom is a 'safe' room to inhabit, and she has found a new spot which she likes to nest on.... right on top of the satellite box. I suppose she likes the warmth that it emits when it is on? Although she will lay on it even when it's not on. It is a good vantage point within the room, and that is why I believe she likes it so much. It allows her to see anyone coming into the space and she will greet you with her "meow" as in, "meow you are waking me UP!"

Please remember those who have served or are serving our country. We honor their sacrifice and unselfishness, and thank them for all they have done and are doing to allow us all the freedom to live in such a wonderful place we each call home.

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