Friday, February 03, 2006

Abby's New Bed

Here I am just minding my own business and who do I SEE trying to sneak up on me?
I know there was somebody here just a second ago!
There he is again!
Ping tries to figure out what this new thing is.
Abby has it all figured out and she's settled in nicely.
Abby had a rough second day after her dental work. She was really subdued and did not want to leave the security of her new little bed. She is eating well, although I haven't seen her drink or use the litterbox. I feel she is getting liquid from her food so I am not too concerned about that issue. But, I am concerned about the litterbox. With multiple cats it's hard to tell what belongs to whom. Yesterday, she was lethgartic and she seemed depressed. I hope these are only signs of her recovery. She just wasn't her usual peppy self, although she has a great interest in food. She seemed a bit more like herself this morning. But she didn't go through her normal rountine of following behind me with each step I take in the mornings. So, I just hope these are normal reactions on her part. I worry way to much about my little angel kitty.
Check out the new little kitty in the upper left hand corner of the page. Thanks Oreo for sharing!!
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