Friday, October 27, 2006


I've noticed that advertisers have started using cats in many commericals, or maybe it's simply me that has just begun to realize the number of animal commericals. Some of my favorites right now is the "Lion Sleeps Tonight" and the "Copycat" ad. Doing some research yesterday I came across a site that has multiple videos of about 20 different commericals which I had a great time chuckling over. I hope you will enjoy it as much as I did. My new favorite is The Cat Night Out and The Soccer ad. Both feature the same gorgeous tabby cat. Take a look and let me which one is your favorite. I think Abby could be groomed into a gorgeous new star, but I think she would need to advertise for something like Hummers. I can just see her sitting behind the wheel of a Hummer saying "c'mon...make my day"! My little baby has definite cattitude.

Speaking of's already time to board the ARK to see all the starring cats, dogs and other critters. Then don't forget to see all the other glittering kitty stars over at the Carnival of the Stars..oops CATS being hosted this week by Watermark.

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