Friday, November 30, 2007


I didn't mean it Momma. I pooped in Momma's bed! (*and she saw me doing it!) I'm sorry I couldn't help it......purr purr purr....
As they say "poop happens"!

Abby couldn't help her boo boo, but there are many other cats and critters who are on this weekend round ups. Please make it a point to stop by and visit!

Have a great weekend everyone!

WCB being hosted by Samantha and Tigger over at Life From A Cat's Perspective
BKCFoC being hosted by Pets & Benal Brats at Pet's Garden Blog
CoTC being hosted by This That and the Other Thing
and Friday's Ark over at the Modulator.

Please don't forget Project H.A.M. to help our good friends Sammy and Miles!!!

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