Thursday, May 03, 2012

Thursday In The Garden With Grace


Welcome to my garden tour.
Last week my brother Ping told you that our 'rents
were doing "something".
That something was to remove some VERY mature
azalea bushes from the flower beds you see below.
They also removed all the old rotted out wood surrounding the beds.
There were 4 pallets delivered.
2 held mulch.
1 held wall retaining pavers and the last one was additional soil.
So in all they put down 85 pavers,  150 bags of mulch and 40 bags of soil.
They were very tired.

Silly Momma forget to take "before" pictures.
And she could not find any pictures she had on file of a "before" either.
It's not strange because those azaleas were not very attractive.

Momma also got Daddy to take down a big sticker bush and
replace it with additional lattice 'fencing'.
It keeps the privacy inside our little garden on the other side.
Next year our new flower bed will be filled with more amaryllis and lilies.
Momma and Daddy found a place online where they ordered lots of new bulbs.
It should be glorious.

Now for Momma's inside garden "UP CLOSE".

I hope you enjoyed my tour this week.
Please don't forget to check out the Master of the Zen Garden, Jonesie
for more beautiful garden.
Until next week!


  1. Oh those look so beautiful now. Hello handsome Ping. Can I come look at the garden with you all too?

  2. What a beautiful garden! The new bed is already so pretty and neat. What a big snoopervision job this must haf been!

  3. Wow, having a garden is a lot of work! Maybe that's why mine looks so bad - my human does not work on ours at all! And if she did, things would probably start dying.

  4. That was MAJOR gardening work! No wonder your parents are tired. We're curious, though. What's a sticker bush?

  5. Thank you graceful Gracie for such a wonderful tour of your brand new garden! It's lovely!! Yay!! Well done mum and dad! take care

  6. Glorious garden photos! What a lot of work your beans did -- and you all must be so exhausted from having had to snoopervise them!

  7. That was lots of work pretty Gracie, but it sure looks so nice!

  8. What a beautiful garden you have - ours is still dripping with rain.
    When will spring arrive ???
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  9. Gracie that was a wonderful tour of your new and improved garden. I bet your Mom and Dad were worn slap out...lots of sweat equity in that job.
    hugs madi

  10. This is a stunning display of color. The hard work of gardening always pays off :-)

  11. What a great tour, Grace! Thank you fer showin us all those lovely flowers. Yer Beins did some nice werk with the pavers an mulch. We gotta get TBT werkin a bit harder on our gardens. He leaves too many weeds, an we got some old azaleas that need to come out, too...

  12. Gracie, loved the tour. Such pretty flowers :)

  13. Your garden looks lovely Gracie, and the flowers are very pretty.

  14. Gracie, sounds like your folks were pretty busy!! The garden looks marvelous !! You do too :)
    Purrs Tillie and Georgia,
    Tiger,Treasure and JJ

  15. Gracie, your folks did a pawsome job fixing up the garden! We've got to start cracking the whip here and getting our mom to work in our yarden. the flower pictures are beautiful!

    Pip, Smidgen, minnie, Hollie

  16. purrrss n nosekissies to mine gorgeous sweet tuxie princess angel Abby

    your adoring floofy cocoapuff meezerman Sammy

  17. Well, those flowers is reel purty, but none of them hold a candle to YOU, my sweet Gracie!

  18. Ha! Our mom has been planting too, but everything is in shock! Your garden looks great. Ours is a disgrace.

  19. Thanks for the tour! The garden is beautiful! So much variety!


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