Thursday, August 08, 2013

Abby's Journey Day 11 A Trip To The Vet

Abby decided she much preferred to be on my lap
than inside her carrier.

She lay on me quietly and I found this a deep way to
bond with her and reassure her about what we doing
and where we were going.
As you can see she is quite relaxed.

Teeny tiny little black and white paws, showing you the face
of illness with the missing furs. I am praying it grows back.

Abby gettin her lubs!
Chin scritches are a big favorite.
Even on Vet Days.

Rollin' along!!

I found it of particular interest that Abby would get very
animated when she saw trees.
She loved the trees and loved car watching.
I know one woman got a real kick out seeing her in I in
the back seat.

Abby will tell you she is a little techno kitty.
Here she is tweeting away.

Finally our destination.
The moment I put her in the carrier she started mewing.
She doesn't like this place too much. Who could blame her?
 I don't think this visit was all that troubling. But last night I must have
because I couldn't sleep well. I guess I worry too much about
things beyond my control. I want so bad to fix her. Make her whole.
Make her healthy. And I know I can't. That is the hardest thing to bear
for me. For her sake, I have decided to concentrate on what I can do
to make things better for her. I needed to start with getting her where
she could eat. She hasn't eaten much since Monday. OK I admit it,
I spoil her, and always have. I hand feed her. So I knew she wasn't
going to eat for the Vet's office. They just put out food in a plastic
bowl and think this little diva will eat? I think not. It was one reason
why her Vet wanted her home on Monday. As she has said to me Abby
is a kitty that definitely does better at home. When she did come
home her tummy was upset though and I struggled with getting anything
into her. I tried, oh I tried. I tried every few hours and felt triumph
when she would eat a few (counted them 10) crunchies. I got those
into her yesterday four times. YAY she had 40 bites. But she was
so nauseated. So that was my goal for today to get her relief.
My philosophy now is treat the cat not the numbers. Abby is feeling
 unwell because of her issues but her fight and spirit is strong.
She's willing to get thorough this to become more comfortable
and I will be her ever obedient servant. If I can do, it will be done.
She is down to 6.99 pounds.
Last September at her heaviest she was 8.75 which is almost what
Boo weighs right now. So she was lovingly fluffy. I loved her in
her roundness. If you know Manx they are round not streamlined
and long. She is was short and round.
Now the cruelness of HyperT is taking away her
muscle in her thigh area. She has the cutest little meaty thighs.
Yes, she still does.
Her BUN/Crea levels are up. They are up because she is on lasix.
The Vet decreased the dosage again and I know she would love to
take her off of it completely but feels like when we did she crashed.
So for right now we are decreasing it.
I agree with that.
She has also given me some additional medicaitons to help with
her nausea. I have to do some research on them but nearly everyone
was saying to me to get her some Pepcid A/C which is exactly what
the Vet said to do. I also asked her about supplements I wanted to try
and she said none of them would do any harm and if I wanted to add them
go ahead. So I will be doing that and get those items ordered and shipped.
Reflecting on sitting in the waiting room while Abby was in the back
I realized that it was almost all middle aged to senior citizens there
with their very sick cats and dogs. I laughingly said we're a bunch of
old people with our old animals trying to get them better. Fighting 
back time. As we sat there two of the techs rolled out a cart to go
get a very old sick German Shepard from a woman's car. I felt so bad.
I don't think there was going to be a happy result for that lady
today. Just a feeling I got as I looked into the eyes of that dog.
It broke my heart.

Scott Simon (@nprscottsimon)
If we only truly realized how little time we have..,

When we got home I immediately got out the crunchies I felt
I could get into Abby and she snarfed down those puppies in no time.
It took me a little while longer to put her wet food together.
I wasn't sure what she would be more enticed by, baby food
or her normal wet. So I prepared both. Guess what? She snarfed down
her regular wet food.
I will feed her again in a few hours just tiny meals.
The Vet did give her some sub q and also a shot of Foerenia.
To help with the nausea, and it appears to have worked.
We have one more day,
so you're going to find me and Abby
singing our favorite tune:

One more day
One more time
One more sunset, maybe I'd be satisfied
But then again
I know what it would do
Leave me wishing still, for one more day with you

Leave me wishing still, for one more day
Leave me wishing still, for one more day 

Yes Abby sweetheart, one more day with you!


  1. Well sounds like it was a calmer vet visit. I have added Renavast for Yoko's kidneys and I also give her an herbal supplement called Kidney Support Gold by - both may help support the kidneys so she can tolerate Lasix better. Check them out and see what people say about them. Happy World Cat Day!

    Cats of wildcat woods

  2. Sounds like a pretty good visit. We're purring the reduced dose of lasix will bring down the BUN/Crea.

    We continue to purr and purrayer for sweet Abby.

  3. Oh, when we saw the link to the one about on the way to the vet, we thought it was another emergency and it scared us. So glad to read this update that you are home and she is eating. Whew!

  4. You'll do whatever is needed for Abby. I hand fed Sweet Praline for weeks. I'd even give her treats for food if that is what she'd eat. My thoughts and prayers are with you.


  5. This sounds like a pretty good day. :) We are so happy that Abby found her appetite today. We are purring and praying for lots more "one more days."


  6. It's good to hear that today's visit helped Abby's appetite. Hopefully it will stay perked up and help her feel better overall.

    Your philosophy of treating the cat and not the numbers is right on the mark. Numbers are a good starting to place to tell you what is going on, but having a happy Abby is more important than her having a good "report card" from the lab.

    We are purring that Abby keeps eating well so she can fly with you to the moon and back. Lots and lots of times.

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  8. we iz havin trubull spellin two day...

    love haz noe boundreez N love haz noe predjudices abby's mom....abby will tell ewe her dinna see a old purrson with her at de ewe noe wear place, her saw... her mom.....we bee glad her appt wented prettee good N we iz happee her iz startin ta eat...small bites or scarfin, itz all good....N abby ya better keep on eatin N we canna bee leeve we iz bout ta say it...even if ya hafta eat...burd.....ya gotta, HAFTA eat sum thin

  9. YOu have some good news in this post, especially about her eating when you got home. It is so sweet her looking out the car window, and being good enough to ride that way leaning on your lap. What a precious little girl.

    Audrey dropped from 11.5 lbs to just over 8 lbs before her hyperT got under control. Would you believe she is back up to 11 lbs now? It was mind boggling, the drop and then the rise. Abby has more serious other things going on in addition, but perhaps if Abby's methimazole does the trick she will start to pick up weight. And build back some muscle.


  10. Glad Abby is eating! Sending ever more purrs and prayers. Me-Ommmmm

  11. Love you Miss Abby. That was a good Vet visit and I am so glad you got to chow down some.

  12. That is good news that Abby ate her food. I am keeping my purrs going for her.

  13. sending purrs and loving comfort to your whole family from ours,

    Ms Stella

  14. ummm...we know a teeny bit about nausea...and upset tummies from saving Cousin Leo from hepatic lipidosis...our vet had Mom get REGULAR strength Zantac, and crush 1/2 a pill once a day and put it in his food. We were tube feeding so it was easier. But it really helped his tummy. Also, Royal Canin "Recovery" cat food might work with Miss Abby. That is what we fed Leo for weeks. Of course, he had not choice,as we fed through a tube...but it used often for kitties in recovery from illness or who are not eating. It is very high in calories and protein. paw hugs, Savannah

  15. Hello and purrs, sweet Abby XOXOXO SOOOO happies to hear you are enjoying your foods today--eating *always* makes us feel better ;-)

    Re the old dog and his Lady: It is sad, but at times like this I try to think about the long and wonderful life they probably had together, and how probably she will be there for him when it's time for him to Go On, maybe even today. He is not sad or dreading anything--he will just feel the loving arms of his Human that he loves and trusts to do the best for him. Would that every animal could have that kind of life, eh? XOXOXOXO

    1. That what I was thinking, too! He won't be in pain and will be able to run and play like in his prime, while he waits for his Hoomin to come take him to their forever home....

  16. Awww, big (((((((hugs)))))))) to you and Abby. Sounds like a good day, and how wonderful that sweet Abby ate her yummies. The Ballicai and I are keeping you and Abby in our hearts and sending worlds of purrs and love.

  17. We are sending healing purrs to Abby and we are sending comforting purrs to the lady and doggie you saw.

  18. So very glad that the vet visit went well and that Abby had an appetite when you got home. We love you Abby and are sending you all our good healing thoughts, purrs and prayers.

  19. Yay for her eating! So glad she had a good vet visit. She looks so cute riding in the car on your lap!

  20. That was a pretty good visit, all in all. We're glad she's eaten a bit and hope that continues. Purrs and purrayers, as always.

  21. Abby--we are so glad you are eating. That makes us very happy and it is easier to purr hard for you!

  22. It sounds like the sub-q and other stuff at the vet did Abby some good - not to mention all the care you have given her! I'm purring for both of you, as hard as I can!

  23. Yay for snarfing food. Abby is in good hands and we're sending healing her way plus lots of mancat purrs.

  24. Hang in there! We're keeping our paws crossed and keeping both of you close to our hearts. XOXOXOXOXOXO

  25. We'r glad the vet visit went well...considering. And that Abby ate when she got home. We hope the decrease in lasix helps brings her levels down. Still purring for Abby and keeping good thoughts.

  26. Vet visits have never gone well for us kitties, but Abby knew you were waiting with love and crunchies. Things are always better at home. Our hearts are with you and we continue to pray for Abby. Please give her our love, too. xx

    And thank you so much for your kind words when Tom left for the Bridge.

    Angel Tom, Mom Julie, Tinker, Mittens and Anastasia

  27. I'm purraying so hard for her. Sitting on #Abbysporch sending #healingpurrz by the dozens.

  28. Yes, it sounded like a good day.
    We are thankful for that.
    Have more good days Abby :)
    Purrs Tillie and Georgia,
    Treasure,Tiger,JJ and Julie

  29. good job eating all the foods mine sweet tuxie princess

    purrrssss n nosekissies

    your adoring floofy cocoapuff meezerman Sammy

  30. I hand fed my Jonathan for months as his health declined. I didn't mind and I'd do it again. Please give Abby a kiss from us.

    Cory and family

  31. As I said before, Abby is in the best possible hands. No one could do more than you are doing. Both her and your fighting spirits will pull her through. We are purring for all of you because Abby needs you all strong for her. Your love of her is so apparent in every word. We hope Abby continues to mend. And yay for Boo, many times animals step up to help or fill voids, after all, we are family and a team.

    The old lady and her dog brought back memories of sitting at the vet's with Lumpy dying in my lap, looking at all the other pets and people who had no doubt knowing they would be going home together, and knowing I would be going home alone. Poor things! We'll purr for them too.

  32. trying to remember what Bobo had his Lasix reduced to, I think it was 10?
    I admire you so much for documenting everything. I wish I had!

  33. So glad to hear Abby ate a little more today. Hope she continues so she can build up her weight and strength. Happy International Cat Day. Purrs and hugs, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Jo

  34. Lots of purrrs and prayers to you Abby! Lots of purrs and prayers from us for you to get all better!
    Your TX furiends,

  35. I am so happy to hear Abby got some food in her. Such a precious darling. I hope everyday is a beautiful day for you both.

  36. I remember feeling so victorious when I got Whitey to nibble a few crunchies.

    It sounds like a pretty good day, all in all. I laughed about the old people and old pets!!! Yes, that's what I normally see. Young folks, new puppy/kitten... old folks, old dog/old cat. :D

    Have another lovely day, Miss Abbadaa and Mom! big hugs xoxo

  37. Gives mommy leaky eyes because she understands fully. Abby, eat sweet girl. Please do that for your mom and us. xoxoxox


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