Friday, September 06, 2013

The Chair

Abby's candles : LINK

Abby's chair.
She would always got up into this chair to sleep during the morning hours.
Sun came streaming in from the picture windows in the
front dining room and she loved that light and warmth.
You can see dark patches on the towel, it is all Abby's fur.
I simply picked up Abby's little fuzzy throw and towel and just preserved it
just as you see it in this picture.It's now with all the things that had Abby all over them.

Look who is now sitting in Abby's chair!
Gracie is checking me and the camera out.
Just like Abby used to do.
I so miss seeing that face as I prepare a meal from the kitchen.

I bought a new throw to replace what Abby had been sitting on.
I just had to change it out, new.
It took me a few weeks to do that, but I had to change it.
Everytime I would look in this corner from the kitchen it would
cause pangs in my heart.
I am glad to see a kitten in the chair again.
Even though my heart misses Abby sitting there
I was glad Gracie decided to set up shop.
So times moves us along, whether we want to go or not. This is another step along that journey without Abby now. Letting her place be taken up by another. I will always in my mind's eye, see her here, but it is good to see Gracie taking up an empty spot and filling it. I need that too. But, I find too that it is just too hard to turn loose of all the things Abby, and yet I know I will. In some ways, the choice will be made for me, like finding Gracie in Abby's spot. All the time Abby was alive, no one got up in this chair, no one. Now, Gracie did.
Moving me along.
Today Boo is going back for a recheck of blood work.
We won't know for a few days what the results are but I am just a little on edge. 


  1. Gracie looks purrfect there!

    SEnding purrs of comfort and paws crossed for good results. XOXO

  2. I understand your needing to put a new throw on the chair and to keep Abby fuzzy cloth and throw. I am glad that Gracie has claimed the chair now. I hope that Boo's blood work comes back just fine.

  3. We very much hope that Boo's blood work comes back fine. You have already gone through so much that it would be nice to have one less worry. Purrs to you.

  4. Thinking of you. I understand you keeping Abby's fuzzy towel. How precious. Sweet that Gracie has checked out the chair, and I will be hoping Boo's bloodwork comes back A-OK. Love and hugs and purrs to you from me and the Ballicai.

  5. Gracie is trying to fill the hole in your heart!

  6. Paws crossed for good bloodwork for Miss Boo!

    What Barb said about sweet Gracie.

  7. Gracie is looking wonderful there. I still have my Eva's blanket and she has been gone size years now. In time the pain will not be as bad and you will enjoy the memories. Hope Boo's blood work will be fine. :)

  8. The kitties are doing their best to help their Momma heal. *purrs*

  9. Gracie looks amazing there. I know how you feel. I love when Lucy sits in one of Alex's spots, especially if she has his "expression". But it also breaks my heart... hang in there...

  10. Gracie, you're doing a good job hanging out with your mom while she's in the kitchen. You're part of helping her heal, step by little step.

    We're purring that Boo's bloodwork looks good.

  11. We hope Boo's blood work results are OK today. It's nice that Gracie is looksing after Abby's chair for you.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  12. Gracie looks lovely there, in Abby's chair. Our human would have replaced the afghan/throw too.

    Purrs for Boo's results, we're keeping our paws tightly crossed.

  13. gracie, ewe look grate in de chair; N boo we haz de blessing oh R pal Frank headed yur way fora soooper grate chek up...heerez hopin everee one haza grate week oh end, seer up sum flounder !!~~


  15. Gracie looks very content in that spot :-) Good luck with Boo's bloodwork, we hope everything is okay!!!

  16. we are hoping that boo's blood work will be fine. i think gracie has taken it upon herself to keep abby's chair occupied.

    emma and buster

  17. We are all waiting with you about Boo. I took up the things that had Admiral on them too. :-)

    By the way, that Fall picture was from last year. Just wanted to show what I have to look forward to regarding the change of seasons. xox

  18. It's good seeing Gracie there. She's helping heal our hearts too. Purrs...

  19. I hope everything goes well with Boo's blood work results.
    Eric and Flynn mostly slept together but each had a few places of their own. I find that Flynn is increasingly using Eric's favourite places. I don't have Eric's favourite blankie. We buried him in it along with his beloved Scruffy Rat which he had as a kitten.

  20. Gracie is certainly helping you, with much love. Isn't it amazing how cats teach us so much about life and love?

    Purrs and prayers for Boo's bloodwork to come back "good."


  21. I think Angel Abby told Gracie it was okay to be there.

  22. I am just in love with Brian's comment and couldn't agree more.
    Praying the other tests go well, the kitties need to stay healthy!

  23. But Abby will always have her place in your heart.
    We are keeping Boo in our thoughts and purrs.

  24. Brian's comment is spot on :)) Angel Abby approves! Gracie looks very content there. It's a good thing! xox

  25. Meant to also say, sending purrs and prayers for sweet Boo xx

  26. I think it's so nice that Gracie is there now and she looks so cute.

    I hope all goes well with Boo's tests.

  27. Gracie brings grace! Love and light to you! Me-Ommmmmm

  28. Oh, sweet Gracie...
    purrs to you and your momma.

  29. Gracie wants to fill the void in your heart like she fills the chair.

  30. Gracie looks so sweet on the chair-perhaps it reminds her of Abby as well.

    Hoping everything comes back ok with Boo's bloodwork.

  31. Love seeing Gracie and the new throw creates a new scent with old energy. Sending purrs for good news about Boo.

  32. We think the change was a wise one - your heart will know when to let things go bit by bit. And this was one of them. Gracie is helping you in this process. They know - they are so incredibly sensitive to us - and they know.

  33. Gracie knew it was time to claim the chair as hers. We have a wooden dough bowl in the kitchen that has been passed down from our original kitty to many who have followed after him. It always does our mom's heart good to see a kitty in that bowl no matter who it is. And in time, seeing Gracie in the chair will feel as natural as seeing Abby in the chair. Purrs and hugs, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Jo

  34. Purrs to you. That is sad (about the chair being empty of Abby) and sweet (that Gracie is there now) at the same time.


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