Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Meet & Greet

 Meet Buddy.

Buddy is one of several cats that 
were displaced from a 
Dollar General store being built
across the street from our house.
(Don't even get Mom started on that one)

Here is Ping not liking what he is seeing
of Buddy.

Now here is Annabelle.
Never would I thought Annabelle would
look ominous, but here she does.
She is not happy with Buddy being about 
two feet from the door she is at.
(Her photo was taken from the outside
in, so you are looking at her
through the screened doorway)

Buddy is a goof.
He doesn't hear as well, but he can hear.
He meows but barely anything comes out.
Sometimes we walks around meowing (silently)
like he is talking to someone and
there is no one there.
Buddy tries to makes friends but to no avail.
Ginger HATES him!

Buddy gazing at Ping.

Ping says keep him out Mom.


  1. Oh poor Buddy. Come ON guys, have a heart, the boy is scared and all alone. He needs a paw. Please.

    Mum is getting so upset about Buddy....

  2. Dear Buddy looks like a friendly kitty.
    He is pretty handsome too.
    Purrs Georgia,Julie and JJ

  3. Okay gang, y'all be nice, everyone needs a good Buddy!

  4. Poor Buddy. This breaks our hearts. :-(

  5. buddy...wavez two ewe dood...we R sorree ya haz wented thru... what cha went thru, N may bee rite now de manx crew iz kinda stand off ish, but if everee one givez each otherz a chance... ya mite just bee come de best of palz ~~ ♥♥♥

  6. Poor Buddy. He deserves some friendship. He'd probably be grateful for a warm home and a loving family.

  7. Poor Buddy. Maybe they will get used to you and think you are all right. We wish you the best.

  8. My name is Crystal and my cat is Daisy Mae. We like your blog and invite everyone to visit our blogs. We have 2 blogs and See you there.

  9. Oh - poor Buddy ! I hope things can be worked out so he somehow finds a furever home .

  10. Poor Buddy, I hope he can get a forever home. XO

  11. How sad that Buddy has been displaced. He seems like a nice guy...we hope he can find a new home.

  12. Awww, how sad that your gang doesn't want Buddy to move in. He looks lie he wouldn't mind though.

  13. Poor Buddy. We sure hope he can find a new home soon.

  14. my heart just breaks for Buddy, it is so sad. What a cutie he is.

  15. Oh, poor Buddy. So sad but cats have a mind of their own and evidently they aren't happy with a new guy in sight.

  16. Awww, Buddy you are loved, but sorry you don't feel it that much right now.
    You are such a handsome dude, Buddy!
    Hope you might one day get a warmer welcome...and a new forever home to call your own...with the gang that seems to not like you right now...


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