Thursday, October 11, 2018



Just this week, another furfriend went to the Rainbow
Bridge. Jack was the beloved cat of Miss Connie.
She commented on Facebook, that you never take enough
pictures. I found that out after I had lost Abby.
I too echoed her thoughts.
Take more photos.
I wanted more.
I still do.
Once they leave us the photos are what we fall back onto.
It took me many weeks before I was able to go through
a lot of them.
But, I was determined each day of that first year to make
a graphic with a quote that signified how I felt about her.
I turned them to black and white to represent the 
starkness of my rawness. I tweeted them out everyday for a year.
I have continued each day since to tweet out what day 
of the Journey I am on.
Today it is 1,885 days since she left this world.
1885 days I've been without her in this physical world.
1885 days closer to when I can rejoice in reuniting with her.
You went ahead of me Abby and that was hard, but I'll be there
one day.
One day and I can't wait to hold you again.

Hurricane Update (FL)
Yesterday was a day that will never be forgotten if you are a
Florida resident. A historical strong CAT 4 hurricane ripped apart
our state and in a few hours left devastation in its wake. Michael was
the 4th strongest storm in US history, and making landfall in October
made it own significance. Mexico Beach was the epicenter of the
catastrophic damage that 155 MPH winds and storm surge can cause.
Panama City and Panama Beaches will take many years to completely
rebuild. Our Capitol, Tallahassee is 100% without power as are at least 500,000
others throughout many states. My heart breaks for those whose lives will
be forever changed. I know a lot could be written on the over development
of coastal communities, but houses are being built a great
deal stronger since Andrew hit our state and literally wiped out Homestead.
But, when you look at the images of the destruction, it's like a nuclear bomb
went off. No one can deny the beauty of living by the water, but it has it's
own hidden powerful destructiveness. Nothing in the weather record
books matches Micheal, so it will just be another of the Earth teaching us
another hard lesson. I know our own N FL brush with that lesson last year
with Irma was unbelievable, but our destruction was no where on the level
that the Panhandle faces. Once again, the powers beyond what we can
control or understand make us take note and give our respect to it's
incredible fury.


  1. Aaaawwww, sending mew huge hugs and gentle purrs...

    One day we will all be reunited with all those precious souls who departed before us.

    Hugs and purrs

    The B Team xox

  2. Oh do we agree our fault gets exact words after Florence came thru her city. It looks like a bomb was dropped.
    Sending hugs we are getting a ton of rain now

  3. ♥♥♥♥
    we've seen the destruction caused and can't begin to imagine what it's like; my grandmother always told me; kid, you have nothing to fear on this earth but mother nature herself ~~~~~~~

  4. There could be a million photos and they still wouldn't be enough. (((hugs)))
    I have seen the devastation on the news and it is terrible. My thoughts are with all those affected by the hurricane.

  5. You've been on my mind during this horrible storm. You are so right about pictures, even though it can be heartbreaking to look at them at times.

  6. That was a horrible storm. I agree about photos and I try to take videos too. XO

  7. No, never enough pictures!

    Michael left such devastation and destroyed so much of many lives.

  8. What a horrid storm with all the devastation and ruined lives.

    It is never easy when we miss our furry ones. I have 6 and I think of them a are wonderful helps...but I for sure do not have enough of the first 4 angel kitties...and I wish I had more of MJF & Minko.


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