Friday, April 16, 2021


Mazie Daisy

Just look at those whiskers.
She is a little talker too!

Guess who came to dinner?


Guess who wasn't thrilled?

Biological sisters and yet the months
since Mona has been around Mazie
didn't recognize her.

I was glad to see Mona looking so good.
Someone is taking care of her.
But she sure remembers my voice, and me.
She came right to me.
So they are all still around.
I found it's either very early in the morning
or dusk that I see Mickey, Mona or Millie.

(Millie comes to dinner quite regularly)
She was always the most fearful of people.



  1. How cool that Mona came back to check on you and Mazie!
    I am gad she is looking good.

  2. How lovely that Mona came back to visit!

  3. It's great that Mona came back for dinner and came right over to you! It's also good that there's at least one other person who is taking care of the cats (or at least Mona). :-)

  4. Glad Mona came for a visit. XO

  5. That sure makes for a pleasant and happy day!

  6. It sounds like there is another nice human who is also looking out for these kitties. That's awesome.

  7. That is such happy news and I bet it made you happy as well to know someone must be looking after her :)
    It always makes you wonder when you don't see a cat for a while
    Purrs, Julie

  8. How wonderful that Mona came for dinner and that she is well.

  9. It's good that Mona has come back. My outsider-cats appear and then disappear. One called Sable always vanishes when the weather turns warm. I always worry.


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