Thursday, April 15, 2021


I talk about Grief a lot.
I know it's not a popular subject, but for 
myself since Abby died, Grief took
me in a direction I would have
never dreamed.
Her death in so many ways prepared me
for things that were to come in 
my life.
Not unlike so many countless
others I've had my share of life's losses.
One right after the other.
There is nothing that will truly equip
you for the maelstrom that Grief encompasses.
But, her loss foreshadowed so many others,
and it sadly taught me about sorrow.
The feelings I had about Abby and her loss
I had to understand more.
Even in the sadness that was there,
my challenge was to understand it.
I've learned much to help myself deal with it all.
But, I know when the Grief Monster comes
for me again I will be like everyone else.
You succumb to overwhelming deprivation.
There is no where to hide from loss.
Even if your mind knows that eventually the 
overwhelming part will subside,
I've learned it never goes away.
So, by 'trying' to console someone with
the you'll get over it crap is a terribly
debilitating burden to place on someone.
From what I've seen and heard, every single 
person has had someone say something to them
that made them feel guilty for missing the thing they lost.
I will say just don't do it.
Just don't tell someone they'll get over it or to get on with
their lives. If they could, they would.
They can't.
It's not something you get over.
You never do.
You learn how to live with it.  

I still miss my Abby.
I still cry for her.
Now I know I always will.

And I vowed nearly 8 years ago,
as long as I lived 
I would remember her.
I've kept my word Abby.



  1. Grief may not be popular with SOME people, but there are a LOT of people who totally understand. I hope you can feel that.

  2. I understand completely. When you love that deeply you cannot get over it. I talk to my boys every day and will love and miss them forever

  3. I agree that grief never goes away. I still miss every single one of my furbabies. XO

  4. We still cry over our missing ones too. Hugs.

  5. Wise words....I have always thought it best to listen when you didn't know what to say. Listen is gift
    Hugs Cecilia

  6. There is no getting over the loss of a loved one. One can move on, but not over.


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