Friday, May 11, 2007

Smoke Gets In Your Eyes

Abby: Holy smokes! We're surrounded. Please send rain.
The following pictures were taken at different points from my home. There is a large (20,000+ acre) fire burning several miles from our home, the smoke was the heaviest it had been. Thankfully right after I took these pictures, we had a brief (like 5 minute) shower, but it cleaned the air and the smoke lifted a little.

My front entry.

Looking up.

We hope it's not smokey, or that you are not troubled by terrible weather conditions in your area. So today we are not going to worry about it but join all the other animals over at this week's
Friday Ark and then continue on with all the wonderful cats over at the Carnival of the Cats this weekend. Everyone pray for us to get rain. We really need it badly.

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