Friday, September 21, 2007


Some mornings I just don't feel like myself. When I am not waiting for Momma at the bedroom door she knows I am having one of those mornings. Momma found me in my little nest right on top of my Gizzy quilt. She knew I wasn't feeling happy. I didn't try to even boss anyone around this morning and I didn't eat all that well. I let Momma love all over me and finally I scrunched down and scurried off as fast my little paws would carry me. You see I have this problem with poo. Every time I have these bad hurtie cramps, Momma keeps telling me it's because I am a Manx and my insides are a little different (well Momma my outside is a bit different too!). After I finished I race around like a wild gazelle and I run like the wind, no one can catch me, cuz my butt is on fire. Then I was back to my normal self, running things and kicking some kitty booties. I had my "A" game back on.
So hope you have your game face on because it's time to go and visit all the blogs this weekend showcasing all of us cats! Drop by and visit some of these great sites this weekend.
1. Carnival of the Cats is being hosted this weekend by This, That, and the Other Things
2. WCB is being hosted by A Byootaful Life
3. Bad Kitty Cats Festival of Chaos (TBA)
4. and last but certainly not least The Ark is over at the Modulator.

Hope efurryone has a great weekend!

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