Friday, March 28, 2008

Finally Friday: Momma's Heavy Heart

Momma has been feeding a group of feral cats. They have settled into a nice area in between where Momma buys her food stuffs and a Vet office. There is a colony of about a dozen who are well fed and tended to by a gaggle of beans. Just a few weeks ago Momma noticed that one of the female tortie Manxies was pregnant. Then two weeks ago just by happenstance Momma came across her four little kittens. They were all plump and cute and just adorable. Momma got pictures of them with her cell phone, and if she can figure out how to get them off of her phone she will post them. But all of the cuties were Manxies. One was a tuxie Manxie. Momma picked this little baby up and was contemplating bringing him/her home. She really wanted to but she was afraid that the kitten was too young to be away from it's true Mama. She held onto to him/her for nearly an hour before she decided that it was best for him or her to stay with his/her siblings and Mama. When she stopped by last week, she found no evidence of the babies, and feels that Mama tucked them safely away. She always knew that in all likelyhood she would never have another chance at that little tuxedo manx and she has mixed feelings in her heart. She hopes she did the right thing. I just don't see how she could have brought one more kitty into the our tribe, can you imagine 6 of us?

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