Friday, May 16, 2008

Finally Friday

Abby: oooo that mysterious door is opening.....
Abby: I can't wait to get into this room!

And neither can Jinx or Gracie.
There is always a mad dash to come into the Master Bedroom. We normally keep everyone out because someone (whose name starts with a "P") liked to spray the bed skirt. Boo has always had unlimited access to this room and she will ask to be let in before we leave for work each morning. Boo is so sensitive, and we have found that the other cats will pick on her if we don't let her in the bedroom. She also has her own 'private' litterbox in there and many times she wants to use that box and she will ask to be let in so she can go in and just use the box and come right back out. Abby knows that she is allowed in after dinner. I always sit with her in my lap in the over sized chair and Boo sits on the back of the chair looking out and when she is ready she slips down and lays right beside me. Unfortunately, Abby isn't always accomodating and she will whap whap whap at Boo to get her to move. So, they have trained me to distract them with treats and finally I can get them both to lay still for awhile until it all starts again.
Well it is Finally Friday and please check out all the kitties around the blogosphere this weekend.
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