Friday, May 30, 2008

Finally Friday

Miss Abby
Daddy has become a volunteer at our local Safe Animal Shelter. This past Tuesday he helped out by taking some of the animals to the Vet for treatment. He was upset because when he got to the Shelter some kind soul had left two baby kittens under a birdcage by the front door. They were so tiny and scared. He was very worried about what was going to happen to them. But, they took them in and he said that they were back in the back where the kittens live, they were isolated until they could be taken to the Vet for a through check up. We hope that they both find a good forever home...the poor babies and we can't help but wonder what happened to their Mom? We'll never know, but our hearts go out to all of those in need of a forever home.
Tomorrow is the "official" beginning to Hurricane Season.
And it's Finally Friday and it's officially the start of the weekend.
Need more kitty karma?
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Efurryone have a GREAT weekend!

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