Friday, December 19, 2008

Finally Friday: Mr Jinx Takes A Snooze

Our Mr Jinx is one big teddy bear of a kitty.
His needs are few, a nice comfy spot to rest his head and a big bowl of food every few hours. As you can imagine his food needs aren't met as frequently as his sleeps needs.
He is such a good cat.
He is a father figure to all the other cats, and even Abby allows Jinx to groom her.
But he does have a playful side to his purrsonality.
Occassionally he will get a wild hair up his tail and he will bedevil Ping in a mad game of chase.
Did I mention that he is such a good cat?
He has such soulful green eyes and he is a beautiful mix of grey tabby fur.
We love our Mr. Jinx and he is a real hero to our little tribe.
You see Jinx was the one who brought Ping and Boo to our house oh so many years ago.
He knew that he had found the place where they would all be safe after being so callously dumped by their former "nice" people.
And you know what?
Mr.Jinx was right.
They are safe.
They are home.
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