Friday, June 29, 2012

Choose Your Pic

Many of you know that PicNic has closed shop.
The creators of PicNic have started PicMonkey.
It isn't exactly PicNic but it's close, and if you enjoyed
the photo editing of PicNic you will probably enjoy
It's free (right now?) but I suspect as they add more
things it will become as pay as you go.
I won't mind if they do charge if they offer the things
that PicNic did.
I just miss having the ease of PicNic inside Picasa.


  1. Never seen either, but we hope the new site werks good fer you.

  2. I haven't seen either site either but I want to see more pics of your gorgeous white chinned, white whiskered, black & white, tuxedo bombshell!!!

  3. Thanks for letting us know about PicMonkey. Mom used Picnic several times for us, so she is glad to know about this.

  4. Yes, I miss being able to edit from my Picasa web albums too! I've played around with PicMonkey a bit and there's good stuff, but I miss all the collage templates, the fancy ones. Probably PicMonkey will add some, if they haven't already. I haven't looked recently.

  5. We are sorry to hear about PicNic.
    It is too bad they closed a popular program. Maybe there will be another one out there,for free!
    We love the pictures you make :)

    Purrs Tillie and Georgia,
    Tiger,Treasure and JJ

  6. Yep, progess sure is hard to understand sometimes!

  7. Teri says she doesn't have time to learn a lot of new things, so she was disappointed when PicNic closed but she's used PicMonkey with good results. Did you do your photo today on PicMonkey? We loves the frame and how green your eyes are!

  8. It's an ever-changing world!!!

  9. OH noes we didn't know it has closed.
    Mom and I have lots of fun blogging but often wonder...just how long our fun will be free.

    Hugs Madi

  10. Mommy has only managed to use Picnik once and now it's gone. :(
    We didn't know about PicMonkey. We'll get Mommy to check it out. Thanks for letting us know!

  11. Why do they always ruin good things!!

  12. we used to use Picnik all the time and loved it. We didn't use it through Picasa...we went directly to their site.
    We also use Picmonkey but don't love it. They don't have nearly the fun items that Picnik had but as you said I imagine they will.
    I also sometimes use's, not bad...Picmonkey and Kizoa are good options right now

  13. I found a site by the same people who did picnic and it was just the same I thought. Yeah!! It's called

  14. We'll hafta check out Picmonkey. What a funny name!

  15. that's a beautiful picture of Abby :) we downloaded Photoscape for free and like it for editing. the update messages take us to a PicMonkey download. It was too different from Photoscape and we didn't like it - too much change for us kittehs, mol! have a great weekend!

    Pip, Smidgen, Minnie, Hollie


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