Sunday, February 11, 2024

A Decade Later

Today, I remember you.
I remember this day, from 10 years ago.
10 years!?!?!?

See that beautiful face?
10 years ago I knew we only had precious moments left.

The appointment had been made for 4 pm.

I soaked in that February afternoon with you.

I knew it was time.
You were suffering.
It was so hard for you to breathe with all
that fluid.

I had done the procedure to remove the fluid from
your lungs only the day before and your Vet and I 
agreed if it came back there would be no more of
that hardship for you to endure.

It was hard to come to that realization.
That medicine could not help you any more.

You were so young.
It was so unfair.
You should have had more time.
I needed you to have more time.

But, my sweet Gracie Grace, we both ran out
of time and I held you as you left this Earth on
this day in 2014.
I miss you my dearest little tabby girl.
I always will.
One day I pray to hold you again.
And this time, we won't ever be parted.
Love you forever and ever.



  1. Gracie was beautiful. Sending you hugs on this sad anniversary. XO

  2. It doesn't seem that a decade has passed so quickly. Sending hugs and Light as you mark this sad day. ❤️

  3. D
    sending hugs and loves, it never really gets any easier
    L 💙💚

  4. Hugs as you remember that most beautiful Angel Gracie!

  5. That is the most difficult decision to make. There is none like it, but everyone with a pet has to make it, if he or she loves that pet. We feel the pain forever, so they won't have to. God bless you; you'll see Gracie again.

  6. Sending you love, hugs and purrs as your remember your beautiful Gracie Grace. XO

  7. annabelle and boo, I know your mom can’t always check her email for cards, so I wanted to be sure to say thank you for your kindness to me and my family and for stopping by to say good bye as I start my tenth life in heaven. loves from dai$y 🌸.if she can, look for one in tomorrow’s mail 💖

  8. Isn't it crazy how attached we get and how little we forget?


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