Saturday, January 06, 2024

One Year Ago


It was one year ago today that you picked to leave me
here and go on up ahead in your next journey.

But I am reminded so much of you.
and I do miss seeing your handsome face.

You were a real character, a sweet
imperfect angel.

Oh those eyes.
Oh those whiskers.
There will never be another Ping.

We all still miss you
and know in our hearts you are
running and jumping and sailing through
the air with ease like you always did
with your acrobatic abilities.
Wait for us.
One day, one day,
we'll join you in your idyllic world.
And all of us will be together forever.



  1. We sure miss seeing that handsome Ping, his eyes were most amazing. Hugs from all of us.

  2. I still think of Ping from time to time, he was my favourite. ❤️

    I try to remember that those we love have gone on ahead, they're not gone, though sometimes that's hard to hold onto. Sending hugs!!

  3. A year already? Ping was so handsome and always missed. Hugs sent to you.

  4. A sad anniversary. And yes, those marvellous eyes; such a photogenic gentleman. He will meet you one day, as will all those who have gone on ahead...

  5. Sending you hugs on this sad anniversary. XO

  6. We still think of your Ping every now and again. Always loved, never forgotten.


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