Friday, December 07, 2007

Friday Cat Blogging

Abby: The cat's in the bag.
But not for long...

Total joy.

It's all mine!




Oh I love it.

I just LOVE IT!

I mean I really LOVE IT!

This is the best gift I have ever gotten! EVER!

Thank you Princess Tara. I apologize for it taking my assistant so long to put these up on MY blog. She has been very bad lately about getting the pictures off the camera! Thank you thank you thank you!!

For more joy and excitement please drop by and visit these wonderful blogs over the weekend for the usual round up of great posts!
WCB being hosted by What Did You Eat
CoTc being hosted by Bad Kitty Cats
and finally Friday's Ark hosted as always by the terrific Modulator.
Everyone have a great weekend!

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