Friday, February 15, 2008

Finally Friday

Momma was laughin at me. I only drink from the faucet, not that bowl the other cats drink from. In fact I have taught Momma a new trick. She can't take picture of me when I am doing my new trick though, because I make her cup her hands and I drink outta of them. I only do that in the bathrooms though because the faucet is too far away for me to reach. But, let me tell you why Momma was laughin at me. The other day she was filling up the dish where the other cats drink from and I was curious about what she was doing. So, she showed me the dish. I dunked my head into it and nearly drowned. Now why didn't she tell me that there was a buncha water in there? She watched me and let me put my head right into the water and snork up a whole bunch of waters into my nose and whiskers! I made all kinds of weird noises, and who wouldn't if you wuz drowin? Then you know what; she laughed at me! Umfgh...the indignity of it all! I showed her later though, I left her a nice little surprise, you know what I mean. Better watch where you step Momma...we'll see who laughs next!
Sammy and Miles Meezer need help bad. They reely needs help wif green papers for Febywary bills reely bad. If yoo can help at all, pleeze go the the Project H.A.M. page to see hows to doughnate. Little bits adds up. Purrrrrs, fanks.


Hey you guys, it’s Feline Friday!
Foster Friday started by Kat’s Cat of the Day
Formerly Feral Friday for all formerly feral kitties
Finally Friday started by Gandalf & Grayson
Frootbat Friday for cats to show off their big earsand it’s
Fashion Friday for our furry fashion diva furriends

Get ready now cuz the wild weekend is coming!
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Ok efurryone go and visit all of these wonderful posting this weekend for more kitty goodness. Have a grate weekend!

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