Friday, June 20, 2008

Finally Friday

It's been a tough week, but I think I'm gonna pull through. I am still walking gimpy and not putting much pressure on my back left foot but everyday it gets a little better. I made it to breakfast and had my meal with Jinx and Gracie. I can stand up that long now. Before Momma was bringing my food to me which was nice but being a big mancat I needed to get up and go into the kitchen for my meals. I still can't jump up very well, but I am compensating by just taking small steps. I think I have finally turned the corner, but I overheard Momma saying if I'm not better really soon I will have to go back to the dreaded doctor again. I really don't want to go not that they weren't nice to me, but it's not the kinda place I like hanging out. Please keep me in your purrs I appreciate all the healing vibes I can get.

Happy Friday efurryone and now onto the cats....

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