Friday, October 09, 2015

That Poor Monkey

The predator

Hungrily attacks.

Enjoying every juicy bite.

Claws of doom!

Thursday, October 08, 2015


We're joining PepiSmartDog for this week's
Thankful Thursday blog hop!

Wednesday, October 07, 2015

Happy Tocktober

BO (x) Tocked!

Happy 'Tocktober!

Many moons ago Angel Derby from now Just Ducky! started
"tock"tober. Where we all show off our tocks.
Here Annabelle is in a small long box showing off her
cute little derriere!

Thank you Ann of Zoolarty for the great graphic.

Tuesday, October 06, 2015

Annabelle's Antics



plotting some more...

I've got my plan...

I thought I had a plan...

maybe I need to come up with a better plan!

Sunday, October 04, 2015


Annabelle is joining
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Saturday, October 03, 2015

Caturday Art

This is one of Mom's all time
favorite photos of me!
She can't help sharing it again because
she loves it so much!
Happy Caturday!!
Annabelle is joining Athena
for this weeks
blog hop.

Friday, October 02, 2015


Earlier this week, we got two packages in the mail!
Boy were we excited!

Annabelle: I'm sitting on top of one and guarding the other two!

Our friend FUR EVERYWHERE held a give away for
Lindy Company and we were delighted to win,
not 1, not 2, not even 3 but 4 bags of delicious treats.
Thank you Fur Everywhere!

About two weeks ago we recieved our Catbaret from  
Kitty Bungalow and it was chock full of assorted toys and treats!
This giveaway was held by Melissa's Mochas Mysteries & Meows.
Thank you Melissa, and we are sorry we somehow 
misplaced the information on thanking you and didn't until now.

Then just recently A Tonk's Tail held a giveaway 
for a CAT LADY BOX. Wow were we all super
excited over this! It did not disappoint.
Thank you to both A Tonk's Tail and Dorian from CAT Lady Box.

Boo has her head inside the cat bag from Catbaret.

Annabelle is guarding the treats and Boo is making sure 
no one makes a move for the Cat Lady Box!

Ping was in the mix checking out what was
so tempting.

Annabelle with one of the toys from the Cat Lady Box.

Ping is patient for a change!

Another treat from the Catbaret bag of goodies.
Thank you everyone for these wonderful treats and gifts!
Especially since our "bad" Mom forgot
Boo's birthday yesterday, she had a lot of fun
with all the excitement with the new packages to check out!

Thursday, October 01, 2015

Thursday Tails

Miss Boo


Miss Boo is a kitty that has always had a tendency 
towards aloofness.
Way back in 2004 when the 3 amigos first arrived 
here, she took it to a whole new level of aloof.
It was this detachment that led Mom to go in 
search of a kitty who wanted to become a "lapcat"
After we lost Abby, the hierarchy in the household changed
mainly because Abby ruled with an iron paw.
Ironclad paw.
No exceptions.
No one tried to cross Abby. at least not often.
They lost if they did.
It's funny because even if on the rare occasion when
Abby seems to be on the losing end, she wasn't
because she would wait and extract her revenge
when as the Godfather said (paraphrasing)
the dish turned cold.
So, after Abby left us, Boo slowly began to take the alpha role.
Gracie didn't care. She was a go along, get along girl.
The boys, well they learned to steer clear of Miss Boo.
Enter side left: Annabelle.
Annabelle just wants to be friends with everyone.
I believe she wants really wants to Mother everyone.
Boo wants NO part of it.
Our evening ritual with Boo going into the bedroom with me.
I keep the door closed, to keep my problem child Ping out.
I also love to bring Annabelle in. 
But Boo is not having it.
Annabelle generally doesn't like to come into the room until close
to 10PM and Boo has been napping and resting
and relaxing in her "own" space.
Once Annabelle enters all bets are off.
Boo looks like a vulture up on a limb ready to strike.
Strike she does too.
She pounces on top of Annabelle who then runs and hides UTB.
After a few minutes the table is turned and Annabelle stalks her.
Chasing Boo around the room.
At this point, Boo is all upset and she paces until I let her out.
So out she goes and then Annabelle will either sit down with me,
or go sit by the closed door. She is doing one of two things,
guarding the door for Boo's eventual return, or she
wants to go out and chase Boo some more.
Once it's settling down time, Boo wants to sleep right up
against me. Normally Annabelle is out of the room.
But, not for long.
Because this is how Annabelle gets my attention.
She will go into the laundry room which sits
next to the master bedroom and slam the cabinet doors.
She knows if she keeps it up long enough I will let her in.
So then Boo, knows she is back in the room.
 98% of the time she is sleepy and she let's things ride.
Annabelle has to explore the bedroom.
Then she is ready to settle down. 
BUT she likes to sleep next to me in the exact same spot Boo is
occupying. Last night, as I was about asleep,
she jumped up on my stomach and startled me awake.
She saw Boo and then made biscuits on top of me
before settling down on the other side.
So I was sandwiched between them both.
This is a very typical nighttime routine.
After I had lost Abby, I had a reading with a psychic it was 
mainly about Abby, but she mentioned to me that Boo
was talking to her and letting her know she wanted to be
an only kitty.
I have to laugh at that, because she still does!

Bad Mom alert.
Mom forgot it's Boo's birthday today.
She's in big trouble. But if you were on FB
yesterday you saw all the goodies the kitties
got to open, and well Boo had a big
celebration and a lot of fun.
So Mom was kinda saved.
Just barely though.

We're joining Thankful Thursday
with PepiSmartDog
hope to see you there!