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Cute as can be Annabelle
and that little pink tongue sticking out.

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Come Closer

Momma I think that is VERY
interesting what you are dangling close to
my nose.
Come closer please!

Thursday, July 20, 2017



From sometime in the mid-2000's.
Abby was a sunworshipper.
This photo is so her.
I'm holding her paw in the lower
right corner.

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Gracie's Gotcha

Today is Gracie's Gotcha Day.
She was adopted on July 19, 2005.
It has been 12 years.

Gracie was lucky that day.
For those who are new to her story,
she was left abandoned at the ACC.
A high kill place.
Not as high kill as Annabelle's was,but
nevertheless a gray tabby had a
very small chance of being adopted
out of this place.
She was just dropped off outside their 
door. The receptionist said they didn't 
want to take her in, only meaning
it was a certain death sentence.
As it turned out I was there to see if by
some off chance my missing cat 
was there, she wasn't.
I could bear the thought that this sweet
cat who was begging each person 
who came to the door would be
gone, and in a very emotional state
I adopted her.
I had only adopted Abby the month 
before and that wasn't not going well.
On the ride home I thought to myself
what in Heaven's name was I thinking?
But, I have to tell you, after 
her quarantine, Gracie could not have been
easier to assimilate into the household.
It was like she had always been here.
It took another 5 months to assimilate
Abby. What a contrast, but that was Abby.
Gracie was always shy,
and she was always full of gratefulness,
and she loved her brother Ping..
She left me far too soon at only 9 from suspected lymphoma.
She was such a good cat.
I miss her, but I will always remember
my Gracie Grace. 

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

My Father's Chair

This is my Daddy.
He was a big man.
I always thought he was the biggest man
in the world as a child.
And he was.
To me.

My Daddy and my Mother in the 1960's.
In those days Daddy loved his cigars.
Born in a small town in Texas in the late 1920's
he was a sharecroppers son.
He grew up on that small farm picking cotton.
He loved that land.
He learned all of his life lessons on that farm
At a very young age, he lost his Daddy to a drunk driver.
I can certainly feel his pain.
Especially now.
He joined the US Navy in 1946,
and as the Navy does he moved away from Texas
eventually to Jacksonville, Florida where he met
and married my Mother in 1948.
They celebrated their 69th wedding anniversary
June 11th of this year.
He worked for 38 for the US Postal Service and
retired in 1984 I believe if memory serves me right.
He enjoyed many of those years after retirement, until in 2001
he had back surgery. That surgery left him disabled 
and slowly destroyed his mobility.
Even through his illnesses and those disabilities
you would never hear him complain.
Both my Mother and I saw many changes recently
which was of grave concern to us.
We were trying just so hard to keep him safely at
home where he wanted to be,
and where we wanted him.
On Tuesday, July 11 sometime during the night
he quietly slipped from this world
to the next one waiting on him
where I know he was joyfully embraced
by his Mother and Father and all his family members
who have gone on ahead.
For much I am grateful.
Grateful he didn't suffer the indignities of
hospitals and hospice and 
more medical interventions.
He naturally left his earth on his own terms
in his chair peacefully through the night.
It is unimportant what exactly caused his death,
it is enough to know he is just gone.

Holding his hand for the final time.

My Father's Chair.

My Daddy is gone.
I'm 60 years old and I feel like I'm 6.
I'm lost looking for my Daddy.
I miss him more than I could ever tell you.
It's only been 7 days,
and it could be 7 seconds or 7 years, 
I couldn't tell you which.
I can tell you this.
For the rest of my days I will miss the
greatest man I've ever known.
There is no mortal man who could ever be greater.
Not to me.
Not ever.
Not even close.
He was as I have repeated over and over again
a good man.
I was so fortunate to have had him for so long.
I wish I had him still although I know
how deeply he suffered.
It is that little girl who longs for her Daddy who
will always miss him.
I just want you back Daddy.
I love you so much.
I always will.
Please be right there waiting for me.

James R Edwards
December 29, 1928
July 11, 2017

Annabelle's Antics

My sweetness all curled up and very relaxed!